Friday, December 05, 2003

Well i just wrote this blog thing and it would post it so I guess ill write it again. I was talking about all the holds i have on my records, right now so I cant register for my classes. I have one because I havent finished paying my tuition yet. one because I havent turned in my immunization records, and one because I havent met with my academic advisor. And the thing that really makes me mad is that I go up all extra early this morning because I didnt know I had all these holds on my records and went ll the way down to the computer lad in my dorm and tried to register, and what do I get holds, all kinds of stupid holds. And what really funny is that i dont care. I'm just ready to go home. ONE MORE WEEK! I'll worry about those holds later. I will definitly regret that. Oh well!

hey everyone, i am so happy today even though things are looking quite dismal. I saw garrett, my bf, today and he is the one person who can make me this happy and turn everything bad going against me and make it all seem like nothing, does ne one else have anyone like that in their lives, i am so grateful to have met him and he is like the lighta t the end of the dark tunnel. well i'll just think of him and try to have a good weekend

hey everyone, this week has been horrible, my parents are very controlling so when i turned 18 i had had about enough of all of their crap (my parents are very much negative and lots of time verbally abusive) so a couple weeks ago i made plans to go snowbording with my bf this weekend and i have been sooooo excited, especially since i havent seen him for a few weeks, the longest ever that we have been apart, and last nite they decided to make up this rediculous rule that if i smoke another cigarette that i wouln't be able to drive my truck anymore, they control my truck only in the sense in that its their name but i pay lotsa insurance so my argument was it ismy choice to start smoking and to continue to do so. That didn't go over so well with my parents (especially my dad) and so all of my dreams of snowboarding this weekend have vanished and i am totally crushed = .... ( i don't know exacly what to do here, i am stuck in an abuseive household with no way to get out so currently i am looking at every auto deals mag. i can find and on ly in despair because i have no money, so yeah, i am tring to cope but if ne one has an extra car or has suggestions on how i can cope with my parents please leave a comment, and i hope all of your weekends turn out a little better than mine is looking

ugh, what a week. no going out for me tonight.. my final review for architectural drawing is slowly killing me. Ive already spent 8 hours on it and am not nearly done. Plus models to be made and a research paper to be finished. Can i survive??
hopefully. anywho. time for the peer review. hah! that rhymed!

I want to take this one animal science class where we get to bring our pets to class it is animal sci 1403 and its going to be fun! I have to go out and buy a hampster or something because my mom keeps giving my dogs away, because she alwyas finds something wrong with them. Did I mention we only have one more week of class! I dont know about anyone else but I am having the hardest time getting started on my paper. I cant seem to it going. i have the introduction and I wrote the conclusion last night but i dont know how to get the body of my paper started. But I better figure it out by next Friday!

Fortunately today is only a rough draft day. rough as a jagged rock, paper in frustration shredded up with scissors day.
Very rough.
i don't know how we'll be doing this today, if we're exchanging drafts and critiqueing, I apologize to whoever gets mine.
Can't wait for the weekend. I'm sure it's a redundant statement. I'm sure every one feels the same way.

Congratulations everyone. We are almost at the end of the semester! We have now been exposed and are adjusted to college life. I just want to say that I really enjoyed having class with each and every one of you because eveyone brought a different perspective to all the class discussions. I hope eveyone had a good week and I hope you all have a good weekend. Continue to strive for excellence because nothing else is acceptable. Oh yeah, I hope you feel better Clancy! It was great having you as a teacher. I learned a lot of things in your class. Things that I will definitely use all my years of college!

Well two more weeks, (one week and two days for me!!!) And the semester will be over!! i am so ready for christmas break. I need some time to relax and rejuvenate from this stressful last two weeks. But I am excited for next semester because i can start all over and learn from my misakes of this semester. I think next semester i will do much better. I have a better schdule and I am taking a Jazz class. That will help me to relieve some stress because i love Music. hopefully my grades from this semester won't be too bad. But Iam ready for christmas break!! Good luck everyone on their finals!

ok so this is kinda late seeing as how i got back from vegas on monday morning but im gonna post about it anyhow. i basically have not been able to come up with a coherent thought all week so if this is more giberishy than normal i apologize. so anyhow... if anyone here hasnt been to vegas i would recommend going at least once in your life. i also recommend sleeping a lot before you go. i didnt get enough sleep the week before my trip and i didnt sleep much their but it was really fun anyhow. too bad i had two huge exams this week that i had to study for so i still havent gotten enough sleep. and on top of it all last night, the first night i got to go to bed before three am (keep in mind i get up between six and seven am everyday in theory) i had a bunch of nightmares. i hate nightmares. they are sooooo horrible. sleepign is supposed to be nice and comfy and snuggly and then this awful nightmare ruins it. i cant even remember what i dreamed about but i remember waking up this morning feeling depressed adn awful. oh welll, the day got better. so back to vegas... i actually won some money (only like $20 but still) and we ran around all night and all day and say TONS of neat crap. the architecture there is extremely weird. jamie i recommend going there if you havent. most of the newer big casinos try to be really fancy adn neat but its all fake and comes off looking cheesey if you look too close. then you have some truly beautiful buildings and then you have all these horribly run down crappy buildings and trash all over the street. all on the same street. it amazed me how many people had kids there. theres not much for kids to do there and parents cant just leave their kids alone and runa round town so whay would anyone want to go there with their kids.??? oh well. also once its even close to twilight people start standign on the street handing out these little cards that look like baseball cards only they have hookers on it and phone numbers. its pretty gross. they try to hand them out to everyone. i even saw some kids grab them. oh well but i guess thats another reason to not bring kids. its weird cause there are no clocks anywhere and in the casinos the only places to sit down are at slots/gaming tables or in the bar. its neat but wierd. my friends wedding was really nice and short but i was really tired. the wedding wasnt until sun afternoon and i think we slept a total of four hours between five am friday and two am sunday night. plus we were walking everywhere and you just get dehydrated adn gross feelign everywhere you go... everythings all smoky. but it as really fun. ok so ive rambled for way too long.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

I had a very funny experience the other day that I wanted to share with all of you. Last week, while back home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a couple of high school friends and I decided to go out to lunch after sleeping in very late and relaxing all morning. Since it was just a few of my good high school friends, I decided that this impromtu date did not call for any dressing up let alone even a shower. Well, none of us had a car so we decided to walk to this great local strip of resturaunts to grab a bite to eat. Little did we know what a funny experience was about to happen to us.

Being a very busy time of day, the place was just crowded with people. So, after we both ordered, my friend Anna and I decided to sit on the sidewalk outside (the sun was shinning and it was nice out) and wait for the rest of the group there. Now, my friend Anna has recently been trying to achieve a full head of dreadlocks and with the dreads she has the entire hippie looks of mixed up patterns, funky scarves and whatchmacallits tied around her waist and a very nice mix of old winter clothing.

As we sat there just catching up and sipping on our sodas, a man walked by and dropped a dollar into Anna's now empty soda cup that was sitting infront of her! We found it very funny that because of the way Anna looked (and maybe me!) that that would be enough to convince someone to give another person money...perhaps it is the love that is in the air with the holidays so near. But either way, the incident made us laugh and it is nice to know that those who can afford it, don't give it a second thought when it comes to helping out others. So thanks to the guy who bought us our dessert :)

This is for Will on his paper, kind of late but it might still help on your paper or maybe not. You had said that by doing this would increase the number of underground file sharing programs and they wouldn't be solving the problem at all really. I was curious to know if you use the underground one we have at the U or not.....I do and it is so awesome, I usually get movies in about 15 minutes, and songs don't require downloading time at all. I probably should'nt have posted that seeing as it's 'underground' so it might be my fault if it gets shut down....oops. anyways, if you want to know more about it i'll email you the address and stuff.

Papers due tomorrow! That seemed to come up so soon, but at least we already had so much of it done. I can't believe we're going home in two weeks. that's just such a wonderful thing, no homework for a month will be a blessing. Today I woke up bright and early to schedule classes, and as of last week I had this amazing schedule all planned out, and as they all filled up I watched in horror as my schedule fell apart. Now I have an awful no fun schedule, but oh well, things are what you make them. Im sure it will all work out. I am taking skating though, and I'm pumped for that since I miss the rink more than anything, so that will brighten my day if I'm crabby for sure. Oh yeah, a little FYI for everyone, mono is going around so watch out, you don't want to be hit with that during finals week. Don't share chapstick or drinks with anyone! It's awful for anyone who hasn't experienced it yet. Hope no one is up to late tonight trying to finish they're papers......good luck!

Registration was a rush. Wow... Don't you love it when you miss something, or something is filled up before you can get to it and the result is something much better? This college thing is too sweet. I may be three or four months late in saying that, but I love waking up at ten in the morning. Every single day.
Can't wait for next semester.
Actually being excited for classes is so novel. At least we're going to the U where we have about ten thousand choices for classes. Yeah, go U.!!!
Papers due so soon too. And to this day I still don't know what my stance on my topic is.
The time off on Wednesday was pretty nice. A great help for the paper.
I don't know what it is but it's actually very interesting just reading about all of your days or weekends. I feel like I'm peeping sometimes in an odd way into your lives but it's cool...
Yeah. See everyone in class tomorrow.

Monday, December 01, 2003

For me, this past week was filled with so many people and so much to do that unfortunately, I got a little too distracted from my school work. Now, this week I have 3 papers due!!! One of which is 25-30 pages(though I only have about 10 more to go)!!! Needless to say, I'm a little stressed and on top of that I went to the doctor this morning to find out I have a fever of 102!

Anyways, I would just like to say I am very very glad that we had the opportunity today in class to sit down and do a rough outline of our research papers. The outline this morning helped me to get more focused and gave me a great starting point. I feel a little more prepared and organized, also. It made me realize that we really have a lot of the paper done already. For example, the abstract, the inroduction, the thesis, the conclusion and the works cited page. Now comes the easy part, convincing the reader that our point of view is right and the opposition is wrong! Good luck to everyone!

The Packers like digging themselves in holes it seems this year. They have had so many close games that have been fumbled away or have been lost by missed opportunities. Now they are in a serious hole and the playoffs seem pretty doubtful. They need to win their final 4 games and get some help. The lose to the Lions on Thanksgiving was the biggest and most humiliating lose of the year, it was also their poorest performance of the year. The Vikings now own the tiebreaker and are a game up. The surging Packers didn't seem like they were prepared agaisnt the Lions. A mix of over confidence and lack of preparation and heart as well as turnovers were the recipe for disaster. This season has been an emotional roller coaster. If the Packers miss the playoffs they will have only themselves to blame and it will be a sorry waste of talent and opportunity for a superbowl season. I believe they can win out, but its going to take every players heart and soul and constant focus and good preparation for each game of the season. They also might need the old Lambeau gods of luck on their side.

Sunday, November 30, 2003

Are we really back at school already? This weekend went by so fast, but now I'm really excited for Christmas. Only 3 weeks left! And somehow I got lucky enough to have a final on Friday morning, and my roommate (who is also my ride home) is done on Wednesday so she's heading out and leaving me all alone! I guess I'll have to have my parents come get me. It's so weird that our papers are already going to be due, but it helps so much that we did all of that other stuff like the prospectus and the bibliography first. I thought it'd just be a huge pain, but I really do appreciate it now. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.....see you all tomorrow afternoon.

my weekend was great~~~finally got a chance to catch some breath. this thanksgiving was really different for me, cus i didn't spend it with a family (a family--cus i don't have any family here) like the last two years, instead i had potluck party with a whole bunch of people from church. most of us are foreign students that got stuck in here with the ice and gloom...besides, thanksgiving is not that important, if ever acknowledged, in countries other than the usa. so, it was kinda fun! i was soooo shocked by the fact that people would actually leave home at 5 a.m. to go shopping on the day after thanksgiving!!craziness! of course i didn't go with the flow, holidays are all about sleeping-in's^.^ well, here i am back in my dorm room again, trying to make myself do school-related stuff, it's hard....and i guess blogging counts for some too, right, clancy!? i'll see you all tmr.

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