Friday, November 28, 2003

well- happy thanksgiving everyone! hope everyone had lots of good food and fun. im about to go to the airport to go to vegas and hopefully thatll be fun, however i do have this eminent feeling of doom since i have two HUGE exams plus two papers due next week as well as an exam the week after adn the final paper for this class. then onto finals week. oh yippee!!! i wish i could skip over the next three weeks and be done with it but alas, i cant so i guess ill seal with it. so anyhow, on wednesday my chihuahua ran for the first time. after a few minutes she started to limp a little again but she is doing sooooo much better. i just cant believe how much she has improved. well, gotta plane to catch so ill see ya'll on monday. have a great weekend.

Monday, November 24, 2003

The Green Bay Packers are keeping pace. They beat the 49ers this sunday and continue to be one game back off the division leading Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings barely escaped sunday with a victory against the Lions. The Vikings snapped a 4 game loosing streak and added to Detroits now 22 consecutive road loss streak, which is one game short of the all-time record for continous road losses. The Packers continue to dominate teams with the run. The lead the league in rushing per game and totalled 243 yards on the groung sunday against the 49ers, who had the 4th best run defense in football. The Packers seem to be rolling and Brett Favre's broken thumb is getting healthier every day. The defense seems to be improving every game as well. They had their best outing of the season sunday and pretty much shutdown Tim Rattay(49ers quaterback) who held and impressive 119 quaterback rating coming into the game. Things are going well for the Packers of late and if they can continue to play well they sould make the playoffs. They have a much easier schedule on paper than Minnesota for the remainder of the season. What seemed to be a bleak season filled with close heartbreaking losses now seems to have much promise. Only time will tell but this could be the year of the PACK.

is anyone feeling that finals crunch already? i am, i need to shape up in my classes, not that i am doing bad or anything, i just need to put everything in complete focus and not distract myself with anything else, i am trying to do so good in all of my classes but its kin da hard with this big of a workload and having no time to do anything because i am always either working or on the bus getting home and by the time i get home i am too tired to even get up to do my hw, but i am training myself to do good, anyone have any tips to get motivated? or better yet, does anyone have any tips for hmmmm, lets see, sociology 1101 or microeconomics 1101? i am doing good in my econ class bu the tests in my soc class are really killing me i think i need some study tips for tests, leave a coment :)

thanksgiving break is always interesting for my family, we go up to our cabin, just our family so it isn't like all the relatives come or anything, but we all go up to our fourty acres that we own, it is in this small town called mission, its kinda like a half hour past brainerd. We get up there and it is in this little town which has only a gas station and a resuraunt in it. It is a very heavily wooded area and we go up there a lot to do some snowmobiling and what not. Now with being in the middle of nowhere we have a moble home that our neighbors who live two miles away owned up there we have nobody around for miles and its only us and the wilderness. There is no electricity and no running water, so we bring up our generator and fire up the wooden stove to warm the place up. Now, the turkey is the difficult part up there, my mom actually makes it on the grill and it is horrible! It is totally black and the dryest turkey i have ever tasted, but its the thought and the spirit of thanksgiving that counts. right?

Is everyone else as pumped as I am for Thanksgiving break? I can't even wait, it's all I've been thinking about, and I'm not doing a bit of homework while I'm home. It's so weird to think that we're going to come back for a week of classes and then a week of finals and we get a whole month off. I love how it always works out so nicely that the flu decides to go around right when everyone is about to go on break and we're trying to finish up projects. My dorm hall is lucky enough to be experiencing that right now, and there's no escaping any type of illness once someone catches it in the dorms. So I either avoid the dorms completely, or never leave my room. I doubt either will work out to well. Anyways....hope everyone's research paper is coming along well.

Sunday, November 23, 2003

well, heres another one.
the most suprising thing to me about learning the philosophy of architecture was that some of these architects were heavily influenced by composers, painters, poets, and writers. Its wonderful, i wish i could show you all some of my paintings, im pretty proud of them. Ive been playing piano since i was 8, and enjoy the history of music. Oh, this major is just too exciting.
Then comes my drawing class. im not a technical drawer, but i have to learn to be. Its hard describing it to my mother, how its taking so much work to draft and be precise. But im trying super hard.
and im pretty stressed out because i need such a good GPA. isnt this weird that im applying for a school to learn a skill i'll be doing for the rest of my career when im only 18 and have only been in college for 4 months? guess its time to grow up.

so these abstracts are pretty straight forward, i just did a couple critiques and sent them over to clancy. no big deal. im not sure if im going to do one on my research paper yet. theres a lot of specific things you need to get into those abstracts, but maybe im just being lazy? im sure i'll be bored tonight and i'll end up doing one.
i was also really really happy with the response when i was talking about my topic. i was thinking that possibly i was the only one interested in sensualism in architecture, but to my suprise amanda and a couple others jumped in and told me they feel the same :) im pretty excited about the paper now. i just need a super good grade in this class so i can get into architecture school and study further :/

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