Friday, November 21, 2003

By the way tommorrow is my birthday. Yea for me! I'll be that big 18! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Boy am I glad today is FRIDAY! Tomorrow I will be attending the Alpha Ball. It is formal dinner / dance and hopefully it will be worth the money I paid for the ticket. Today I will be doing as much homework as I can so that I won't have to worry about any of it tomorrow. And this is the last weekend before Thanksgiving, so I will try to spend time with the people in my building! They are really going to miss me. But I wish everyone the best on their Thanksgiving Day celebration. Eat as much as you can because UDS SUCKS!!!

Well, i'm bored. today has been the longest day ever. I only work four hours a day and today it felt like a worked for 10 or so. I tired and I'm ready for Thanksgiving break even if it is only two days. What's up with that. But anywho, just thought I would get that out.

Was class cancelled today? No-0ne is here.

hey everyone, i was just wondering, for my topic how many people's high schools offered absitnence only programs, my high school taught that sex didn't exist and i saw many problems arise out of this, my sister and her group of friends is an example, they have done almost everything and almost all of them have had a significant scare about something, and me being older, they come to me with their problems because they have no idea whats going on or wha to do and i think that if our school changed their policies a little, that that would make a significant impact

ok so im pretty psyched. its the weekend and my best friend is getting town with her fiance (SP?) today and i get to see them and were going to the vikings game on sunday (even though i hate football itll be fun)! also i finally get my christmas present from last year from my friend.... shes been stationed in Okinawa for the past three years adn has deployed to korea, australia, phillipines, taiwan and many other places. shes been collecting foreign money for me as last years christmas present but she hasnt had a chance to give it to me yet. i really think money (esp coins) from other countries is really neat. i also like old coins. my mom had a pen pal in germany when she was in high school and her pen pal sent her a bunch of german coins, including nazis coins. i always loved looking through them. now ill have my own neat coins to look at. yippee!!!

hey everyone, friday again, it seems that i was talking about this last friday, oh well, everyone loves fridays, i hope everyone has a good weekend, this weekend i'll be on campus, does anyone think that that gothica movie looks good, well,; i'll find out tomarrow, it looks ok, i don't really get what its about from the previews, but it looks like a scary movie and i love scary movies, they are best to watch with your boyfriend so if you get scared you can always have someone there to make fun of you lol, but yeah everyone have a great weekend, and by the way does anyone know when all of the breaks are here down at the U, i can't seem to find anywhere when our like winter or spring break times are so i don't know when to come to class or not, well see you all in class later

A brief post in preparation for Monday's class: Remember, you need to read the items in this module on writing abstracts. The authors of the module define an abstract as follows:
Abstracts, like all summaries, cover the main points of a piece of writing. Unlike executive summaries written for non-specialist audiences, abstracts use the same level of technical language and expertise found in the article itself. And unlike general summaries which can be adapted in many ways to meet various readers' and writers' needs, abstracts are typically 150 to 250 words and follow set patterns.

A principle of abstracts that's particularly important for you to learn in this class is the difference between a descriptive abstract and an informative abstract. You will be writing an informative abstract of your research paper. Before you start drafting your abstract, learn about the key points involved in composing abstracts and examine both methods for writing abstracts. The second one (the "backwards outline") will be a very useful exercise for you to complete when writing your research paper.

ok. so its getting close to the end of the semester adn i am just panicking. theres is way too much to do and not enough time to do it in. but i guess ill make it through it. i had my last calc quiz yesterday, and granted ill be happy if i get 8/20 cause i just dont get this material i9 wont have to take anymore quizes. just an exam and the final. does anyone else think its stupid that a lot of classes have an exam in the last week of class adn then a final the next week. ohwell i guess i cant complain too much... i only have finals in two of my four classes. so tryign to figure out my schedule for next semester is just evil. none of my classes fit at all into a reasonably convenient schedule... its gotta be a conspiracy. on the plus note... i can justify only working weekends next semester... on the downside, i cant afford to only work weekends. but itll all work out. so im pretty excited about going to vegas. i dont know exactly what we are planning to go do and see but itll be fun. yeah so ive just been rambling here so ill stop now.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Yeaaa!! The weekend is finally here. It's almost Thanksgiving, I can smell the Turkey and dressing now. As you can see I am very excited. I am leaving Tuesday morning to go home, back to Chicago. It feels good to be able to go home. I get a break from school work midterms. I hope everybody has a great Thanksgiving holiday, because I know I will.

Our discussions were really fun. Everyone's topics are very interesting. I really liked being challenged and confronted with the contrary to my viewpoint. It was very beneficial. Thanks everyone. Iggy, your blog beneath is neat!
I'm really not sure what time we should be beginning to write our final paper. I suppose now would be best, but procrastination is a difficult thing to conquer. I'm still not even sure which side of my argument I support anymore. I don't know if that's happened to anyone else, but after doing research, I'm starting to have my second thoughts.
Well, at least tomorrow is Friday. Going to see two concerts this weekend. Very excited.
And the semester is ending shortly... It's been a good class... Thank you all, Enjoy next semester.
Do you ever just not know what to say? It seems that way now that we're near the end of the semester, like everything has already been said...
Well, enjoy the weekend everyone.

Hey everyone, I want to sheer with you one really fun thing that we did for on eof my classes.
The teacher put us in the groups og four and each frou had number.Then he gave us envelopes with cards and rules to play.We had some time to read them and then we started to play. Every group had diffrent rules.We had no right to talk durring the game , so we had to use gestures. After each game , the person that was the winner went to the group with the higer number ( for example if you are in group 1 you go to group2), and the person that lose , goes to the lower number group.
What happend is that evry person that was coming in your group ,had differnt rules for the game , and with no right to talk was supper frusturating ,to play with someone that doesn't know your rules. It was very funny because the people got very confused and didn't know , waht was the rigth way to play.
So what was the point...Basicaly the teacher wanted to show us how difficutl is to go to differnt coutry with already set up rules. You know diffrent one, and they do not work in the other country. He wanted to show us that every rule was right ,and it depends on were are you going and without knowing the language can be very difficult.
He told us that on the end of the class , so was very interesting to see why he did it!

Monday, November 17, 2003

i think our discussion time today totally revealed the fun and frustration of doing a research. when i first started, i thought i have a clear idea of the topic and my stand in it, but as i moved onto the various sources, my theory or thesis turned out to be not necessary an induction to the reality. i don't want to change my mind, because it's my reasoning, my own insight, why do i have to argue with myself. and then i need to remind myself i am actually doing a research paper, not a creative expressive piece... the bottom line is, i am learning a lot from this project and as well from you guys's too.

Hey everyone....I think I may have stomped on a few peoples toes today in class, which wasn't my intention, so I want to explain my topic a little more. First off, for my paper I was focusing more on illegal immigrants. It is estimated that there are 4 million living in the US right now. That means that for every 1 person the border control stops, about 3 get by which is a lot. In 1996 there was an Immigration Act to take people into the country based on skills that would benefit the economy such as students and people that already have degrees. Every year this number is cut because we have such an overload of illegal people living here, and our country can only handle so many people. When people come here illegally, they get very low paying jobs and work in harsh conditions. They also come over here in groups, and form little 'communities' where they feel comfortable with eachother. Since they are illegal aliens, they obviously do not have the option to get an education or a good job, and therefore do not learn to speak English or benefit our country in any way. These are the people that I feel are abusing our country and taking advantage of it. I didn't mean ALL immigrants. And it's these people that are preventing others who do apply for visas from getting into the country. I am not a racist person and do not feel that people should not be allowed here, but I do feel that if they live here they need to know a little bit about the country and try to represent what it stands for. So many countries rip America apart because we are 'money hungry' and 'greedy' people, and it's these same people that only have terrible things to say about our country that are trying to come here to make a living. They also do not feel that we should go into other countries to help them when they are in trouble, and then if we don't we're selfish. It seems no matter what no one really likes America, yet everyone still tries to get in here, and America still takes them (many countries don't, I know Australia is pretty tight on who they let in). I'd say that's a pretty darn good country and people need to respect that a little more and not just come here to take advantage of it (Again, aiming that mostly towards illegal aliens). Because we have such a diversity here, school's are also cutting American history from the curriculum because there are so many negative things in it, and with the many different nationalities here, they don't feel it's right to be teaching about our history. Which I feel is totally wrong, just because there are millions of people here that aren't native born, America does not have to give up everything it's been through. If people are coming here to live the rest of their lives, they're going to be AMERICAN! We shouldn't have to cut things out of the curriculum just to please the many different peoples coming here. It seems everything today has to be 'politically correct' and it's going overboard. Our national anthem should still be something everyone knows, as well as the pledge of allegiance, and our national holidays should still be recognized. Christmas time is so beautiful in America, with all the decorations and the happiness, I fear that someday my children won't see that because not everyone is christian so it can't be openly celebrated in public. It's the direction our country is headed and that's what I'm against. Ok....I hope that's better for some people. Again, I apologize......and if anyone has comments, please leave some for me, I would love more opposing/supporting arguments.

The Pack is deninitely back, in the playoff race that is. This weekends win over the defending superbowl champion Buccaneers was huge and now puts Green Bay one game behind Minnesota who lost for the fourth consecutive week. Daunte Culpepper seems to be back to his old self comitting 5 turnovers in their game against the Raiders. That's good news for all the Packer fans and bad news for the Vikings. The Packers have a very favorable schedule for the remaining of the season, but no game is easy in the NFL. If we keep getting the dominating performances shown by out offensive line and Ahman green with a healing Brett Favre we could be the team to reckon with in the NFC. The Eagles seem to have things rolling as well and are probably the other top team in the NFC. Darren Sharper predicted Green Bay to face Kansas City in the Super Bowl. Hopefully the Packers can keep focused and play good enough to make that happen.

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