Friday, November 07, 2003

I wanna see bowling for columbine :( so many people have told me about it. I really wish i had a TV and a vcr. my life would be so much better. kinda.
Yea, whats up with all the preservatives in food these days? too much sugar, very bad for kids. and me, i think im malnurished because of the crap food in UDS. well, the salads are good, but i mean comeon. the stirfry tastes like pure salt. they wonder why students gain weight. Give me healthy food, UDS.
ps im starving right now. I had a poptart for lunch. :(

so like i said in my other blog, i haven't had time for anything. this paper is stressing me out, but i am excited to write about it. my topic is media's influence on body image pertaining to women, specifically in print. it has effected me first hand because my sister had an eating disorder, and after that happened, i began to look around and see what negative effects the media has on a woman's physical and mental health. so yeah, you could say i am passionate about it.

sorry clancy, i have to go to work. see you monday.

so i haven't written in a long time. a lot has happened since the last time i wrote. two week ago, my best friend from WI, tom, came to visit. we had a blast. i showed him around the cities and he began to realize why MN is way better than WI. friday night we did the college thing and went to grandmas on 7-corners. i have to admit, it's not the best bar, but it's fun to go and dance there, and i usually run into alot of my friends. so we partied it up at the bar. then on saturday, my best friend aly and her brother, who happens to be my ex-boyfriend, had a halloween party. so, tom and i went over early to helpthem decorate. i was an army chick, and i wore a kids XL camo pants that were really tight and i felt like i was gonna bust out of them at any moment. well the night proceeded, lots of drama between lots of different people went down, and i proceeded to drink a little much. then i was standing by my ex's bar in the basement, dancing with the girls, and the most embarrassing thing happened. sure enough, those tight pants busted, right down the backside!!!!! anyway, i changed and went back out to party until 7 in the morning. that was the last time that i have done something social. i have been so busy with work and school work, that i haven't had time for anything. sad day for me :(.

has anyone gotten the bug? it made me really sick nd i am still sick today, i messed class on monday b/c i had the bug it is horrible, it made me feel like crap and i couldn't even stay for any of my other classes i really wanted to come to class too, i had a ride set up and everything so yeah; just giving a warning to rush to boynton and get your flu shot!

hey everyone, i don't have my annotation today because i have a crappy computer at home. i came down here last nite for on the spot admissions for pseo students and i got accepted to cla, butthen i had to go to my econ midterm review session from 6 to 9 so then i was planning to go home and finish up my annotated bibliography but m dad called be and told me that it would be easier for me to stay down here tonite, but hey my paper is at home and i tried to get my sister to attach and send to me so i could bring it today but our internet just happened to be down so i don't have anything today

this morning i skipped my "beloved" biol lab to finish up the annotated bibliography, and yea, i am procrastinating...i was sitting on my bed staring at the monitor, not knowing what to write about, and kept checking the time. so i was there, wasting my time dozing off and telling myself that i am real busy! what is busy? or i am actually pretty busy but never hurried? and then i was listening to my clock to click, wondering what is time? is it just another existence in the universe that we human make use, like water or air. but the truth is time just floats by on its own...may be, could be, right?! ok, i don't know what i talking about anymore, nap time.....zzzzz

Right now for my annotated bibliography i just have a whole pile of information, its tough to put it all together. I have to figure out how to watch this documentary on Frank Lloyd Wright, it should be super useful for my research paper, but i dont have a tv. :( Maybe i'll just beg someone to let me watch their tv for awhile, for educational purposes of course.
My research paper is definitely based on a series of lectures in my classes, since most of my classes this semester are dedicated to feeling in architecture. Im learning so much, and i hope with my paper i'll get you guys to learn a bunch too. :) I think Architecture in general is so interesting, my mom even commented that when i was little id comment on buildings. And i notice randomly telling people "ooo, i wanna live in that house. but with these changes..." I think its good to do lots of research on this.

mean people do suck. yesterday i had class on the west bank went to get my bike and found a nice surprise also. someone had taken off my back tire. they didn't even steal it, they had taken it off and set it nicely against my bike. if you're going to go through the trouble of taking it off at least steal it. i guess thieves are lazy these days.

ok anyone want to see a really funny, kinda scary picture????
hope this works

i went and saw the new Matrix movie last night, i had to pay $7.50, ridicuolous. It was a pretty good movie though, but i don't think either the 2nd or the third one compares with the first. The action was awesome and there were a lot of fight scenes and good effects. A little comedy, too many love scenes, a lot of action. There seems to be a lot about religion going on in these movies. It seems like they mix together a lot of religions and different views on life into the story. I'd say go see the movie but don't have too high of expectations. They say they're not going to make any more sequels but they leave it open by the way they end the movie. I bet they will have more movies out in 5 years.

Ever hear the phrase "Mean People Suck"...because it is sooo incredibly true. (I am trying really hard not to swear right now) This morning was a great morning for me. I woke up and was incredibly motivated to hit the gym and eat a healthy breakfast. Exercise is a great stress relief and eating well makes me feel better and have more energy. So I returned to my room, got ready to head off to class on the West Bank and threw on all my warm clothes. Excited about the exercise I decided I would fight the cold and bike over the bridge rather than bus it.
I go outside, walk to the bike rack, and find a really nice suprise (again trying not to swear!!!) Someone decided my bike didn't look good the way it was and decided to completly shred my very comfortable seat into pieces, seriously right down to the bare insides of the seat. This really upset me of course, but I figured I could just sit on it uncomfotably. So I continue to unlock it, and pull it away from the rack when I realized the the MEAN person who did this also thought it would be really really funny to mess with the chain and get the back thingy that the chain is supported by stuck in the spoke of my back wheel. Upon realizing that my bike is now completely unusable I called my mom and cried...after all, it was her bike.

The month of Novemeber always brings a smile to my face. The first reason is Thanksgiving of course. The second reason is beacause I am one month closer to my birthday. But the main focus is Thanksgiving. I can't wait to get back home and and eat until I can't eat anymore. Being around my family and a lot of delicious food always seems to make me feel better if Im in a bad mood. The month of November is also a mental reminder that I break away from school is approaching soon. And with all these midterms and papers due I could really use a break away from this place. But I would just like to say I hope everyone had a pretty good week. And I hope you have a great weekend!!

An interesting reading in chapter twelve indeed. I'm not defending either group when I say this: I wonder if the two shooters were outcasts for a reason, beyond how they looked, and what they listened to. Maybe they were outcasts because something about them seemed to imply that they would do something like that? I do agree that the upper, or more popular cliques have much more power in a school system and that if more positive attention was payed to the "outcast group" maybe these things wouldn't happen. Maybe those popular cliques had the potential to be just as violent as the shooters, though since they were on the top had no reason to. Maybe there are too many maybes and not enough:"let's try to establish an environment where power is not important. What if it is just: This is what happens because humans are violent and have been taught to kill one another for power. I hope not. But... Maybe.

What did everyone else think of that essay in chapter 12 about the columbine shooting? I thought it was kinda creepy, that the writer actually thought the two killers in the incident were the real victims. that's pretty twisted and messed up to me, I dont know what you guys think but...oh well
have a good weekend everyone, hope annotations went well.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

here is part of one of my annotations for the annotated bibliography:

Advocates for youth is an interactive site that provides information to teenagers with questions who are looking for reliable answers. Advocates for youth is dedicated to creating programs and advocating for policies that help young people make informed and responsible decisions about their reproductive and sexual health. Advocates provide information, training, and strategic assistance to youth-serving organizations, policy makers, youth activists, and the media in the United States and the developing world. The three main principles Advocates aims to provide are your rights; Youth have rights to accurate and complete sexual health information, confidential reproductive and sexual health services, and a secure stake in the future. Your Respect, Youth deserve respect. Today, young people are largely perceived as part of the problem. Valuing young people means they are part of the solution and are included in developing programs and policies that affect their well-being, and responsibility, Society has the responsibility to provide young people with the tools they need to safeguard their sexual health, and young people have the responsibility to protect themselves from too-early childbearing and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV.
This source was extremely credible, and valuable because it provided statistical information that was necessary to show real world proof of what I am proposing in my research paper and Advocates is a website dedicated to providing information to troubled teenagers and helping them out with problems.

No problem Sara!!! I would have never left one of my fellow class mates in a stuation like that. First of all, it common courtesy and second of all that could be really dangerous!!! But you are very welcome and I will see everyone in class friday. :)

To those of you in class today...thanks for waking me up!!!! :)

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

yes, clancy, i am really really excited about the matrix revolutions. and i am gonna go see it this saturday!!and kait, i am glad to hear about your dog's recovery. i remeber my golden retriver, when she was 5-8 months old, she had calcium deficiency and so the joints in her hind legs were really weak and they hurt her when she walked. the vet couldn't do anything for her but just have us feed her CA pills and high CA food. I was so worry that she'll never walk properly because she didn't even want to eat. she eventually got better as she grew up though, and now she's 5. i hope the same thing would happen to your chihuahua too, kait!

Just a quick question: Is anyone else really, really excited about The Matrix: Revolutions? I cannot WAIT.

so its been a great day. i just found out i got an 82 on my calc exam which is the best ive ever done on any calc exam so im pretty happy. also my chihuahua is doing really well under the circumstances. she is standing up on her own and is able to walk on three legs for short periods of time. she still doesnt use her left front leg but a lot of the stiffness hasd left it. until saturday you couldnt bend it and nowe the joints are loosening up adn it bends. she doesnt have control of it yet but we are hoping its only amatter of time. she has improved soooo much. she is still not completely in the clear as she cannot go poop on her own but she is peeing by herself so that helps a lot. thanx so much for all your thoughts and prayers for her. so ive got a biology exam and a chemistrty exam tomorrow so wish me luck. well back to studying. then after tomorrow i can worry about the annotated bibliography.

Really weird thing happened to me at home this weekend, ok it's not really weird I guess, but.......So I've lived in the woods my whole life. My 'neighbors' are pretty far away, and it's really quiet. I've always loved sleeping like that, crickets in the summer, peaceful, really quiet. No cars, no horns, no people. And then I came here, and it's loud all the time. Sirens all night, people running around the halls. I couldn't sleep for the first week I was here! I was terrified I would be stolen out of my bed or something horrible would happen. So while I was at home, my family was gone to my brother's football game (I didn't go since I wasn't feeling well) and I went to go bed, and I honestly didn't sleep at all. I was terrified. I imagined all of these creepy woods creatures coming to my window, or someone breaking into my house and cutting my phone lines and I'd have nowhere to run since it's in the middle of nowhere. And I've never ever been scared of something like that. I've gotten so used to the noise and activity here, and the comfort of there always being people really close by. I was very scared of the city when I first got here, all the crime that you hear about, but I for some reason feel safer here? This is really pointless, going nowhere, but I thought it was strange.....

Monday, November 03, 2003

so i was just talking to a friend who goes to UIUC, and we are trying to decide where to spend our x'mas, and we came up with miami~~i don't particularly hate snow and the cold here, but i should treat myself for studying hard, right!? sun and beaches , yeah!! anyhoo, back to reality, i have a calc midterm tomorrow, and i just don't care...how sad.
and i decided to change my major for the next semester too. i want to do more liberal art stuff, like english lit, visual art and jounalism. i couldn't believe that i am tired of science already, but yet, i am. i guess afterall, i am just pretty bad at logical and analytic thinking. i hate to study things that are already established as truth and there's no alternative or different point of view. i hope the create your own major program would work out for me, and i'll really enjoy what i will be taking.

my neightbor died on halloween. its really pretty depressing. she was 95 years old and lived a great life. she was healthy up until the end, she lived in her own house alone and was able to take care of herself and was always so nice to everyone in the neighborhood. ive lived in the same house my whole life and she has always lived across the street. its gonna be really weird not havgin her there. i remember when i was about six, she entered some contest where the prize was dole juice bars (popsicles) for all the kids in her neighborhood. she entered even though she didnt have any kids of her own (all her children were already adults) and she won the contest. she had a party and invited all the kids to have popsicles. ti was really neat. how many people would enter a contest to give a prize to a bunch of kids? the doctors said she probably just fell asleep adn didnt wake up so they are thinking it was painless and just about the best way to go if you've gotta go but its still kinda hard. it's gonna be wierd not seeing her sweep her sidewalk and get her mail everyday. its gonna be weird not to talk to her when i take the dog for a walk. but i guess thats life.

ok so about the amniocentesis thing... i have to say that i am pro choice but i do not think that abortion should be used as a method of birht control for idiots who are too stupid to use contraceptives or abstinence and i dont think it should be used to decide who is worthy of life. if people decide to abort or carry out a pregnancy because a fetus has a chance (or a definite diagnosis) of genetic imperfections, it is that much closer to people trying to have "designer babies." also, a few of the sources im using have told abotu women or couples who decide to abort a healthy baby because it was the "wrong" gender. personally i dont think that is right and if people choose who has the right to live and who doesnt, it will be harmful to society as a whole and hurt people's tolerance for others. on top of the whole problem with aborting babies (which the woman has specifically and intentionally become pregnant with) based on gender or genetic "imperfections," there is the question of the possible damage done to the fetus during the amniocentesis procedure and the amount of stress that the pregnant women endure while deciding to have amniocentesis and awaiting its results. ok im rambling and probably not making sense but if anyone has questions about amnio or my paper or if ya'll have opinions or anything, let me know.

Brett Favre started his 198th (NFL record for QB) consective game last night agaisnt the Minnesota Vikings and came out victorious. Favre and the Pack overcame the dreaded metrodome and it fans while Brett Favre played with a broken thumb. The Packers rushed for 261 yards and Favre threw for three touchdowns. This win put Favre at 119 total wins, he is tied for fourth all-time, and put Green Bay back in the playoff hunt. The Vikings are coming off two consecutive losses at home and cannot seem to stop anybody defensively. Favre ups his record to an amazing 8-2 coming of serious injuries. Last year he tore his medial-collateral ligament in his knee and came back to win the next game.(Wereing a brace, this game he wore a splint on his throwing hand) Favre is 3rd all time with 331 touchdown passes. In todays Star Tribune Sports section Former Vikings coach Jerry Burns said, "Favre is playing with a broken thumb and this is the best i have seen him, ever. Favre is the person who won this game for the Packers. He was the spark out there. No doubt he is the best quaterback playing the game today. I'm not sure he isn't the best ever to play in the NFL." Favre said ever play hurt like hell but he played through it. Favre plans to play at least a couple more years and probably more knowing him, he is on pace to break the all time record of touchdown passes and career wins in 4 or so years, and is yet to miss a game since becoming the starting quaterback for the Green Bay Packers in 1991. He is the only 3-time MVP and has been second in voting many times including last year. His streak of consecutive games, his MVPs, his super bowl win, and his grit put him among the greates if not the greates to ever play the game. Hopefully he'll keep adding to his legacy.

A fun bibliography time in class today. Yeah.
I must ask this because it has been on my mind all semester...
To the only other males in our class, (yes we are few I know.)
Have you ever had a difficult time reading our textbook because they use a female generic for all of the pronouns? Also, whenever there is an example of an evil character in the text, it is always a male? Or am I just paranoid?
I think this odd being two thirds of the authors of the textbook are male.
I notice these things a little too much.
I'm all for equality of every kind yes, but when it seems that a previously suppressed group tries to put itself in a superior position, that is hard to deal with.
I think a civil rights leader (I can't remember which one, but it was in response to some groups attacking whites) "You can't fight inequality with inequality."
I don't know where I'm going with all of this anymore.
Not meaning any offense to any woman either. It just seems this way to me, and it's frustrating, not because masculinity is slowly losing its hold on the world, but because it seems that it's being degraded in some spheres and stereotyped all too often as malevolent.
Well, anyways, that's my rant.

I wanted to take Clancy's advice and post a blog about amniocentesis. I thought it was really interesting to learn that our technology is truely that advanced that we can look into the tiniest cells and learn what a person is going to be like, before this person is even born. I am pro-choice and I believe that the government has to role in telling what a woman can or can't do with her body and her child. I feel that there are definately certain circumstances where abortion is an appropiate option. The first scenario is that of rape. If a women, especially a young woman is raped, and a child is concieved, this is no way to bring a human being into the world. That child would be a reminder to the mother of the terrible incident and the child may never feel wanted. Likewise, if parents have the option to look at the defects of their child, then that child might feel even more wanted if their parents decided to "keep" them after knowing that they were not normal. I don't know my feelings on this amniotesis procedure, however I feel like it's not fair. It's almost judgmental, and like someone said in class the parents cleary want a child and who's to decide besides G-d who can live and who can die. I am very confused about my opinion on this, though not on abortion. Let me know what you guys think!

Let me know what you think:)

Bennett, Drake. “Freedom to fail: the false flexibility of the president's welfare plan.” The American Prospect April 2003: v14 i4 p18(3)

From the definition of success to the history of America’s economic stance, this article by Drake Bennet was incredibly informative. Proving to be most detailed, was the in depth look at the past welfare reform plans and the current process that is taking place today. Bennet describes the workings of the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) program and how it “has been the social policy equivalent of winning the space race.” The space race refers to the percentage numbers being lowered so it looks like we’ve accomplished more in recent years. However, this is not he case at all. What is happening here is that the number of people in need of assistance across the nation took a sudden turn for the better, dropping almost 50 percent, during the economic boom under the Clinton administration. Whereas, in earlier years the numbers had been steadily increasingly for many decades.

Bennet further describes the effect of TANF. TANF brought about innovating programs and ways to help more people such as job-search seminars, drug rehabilitation programs, workfare, and giving private companies the opportunity to run TANF employment programs. All of these different ideas have been tried in attempt to better the current welfare program in America.

Because the original funding of TANF ran out last year and because congress is unable to agree on the reauthorization of the program, Bennet stated we “may see the end of welfare reform as we know it.” Bush believes that the states have low goals, that the states do not require enough work hours per family, and that the TANF funding levels should be frozen where they stand today. Bennet successfully fights back as Bush’s ideas with the argument that there are not enough jobs in the economy to meet Bush’s proposed seventy percent bar, therefore the states would have to create “make-work jobs” in the society. These jobs have proven to be ineffective in getting people off of welfare and into real money-making jobs. Bennet also argues that with requirements like the ones Bush has conjured up, the states will suffer because they will not be able to put the correct amount of time into finding innovating programs to reduce the number of welfare recipients.

This source contains much ethos because it is a journal written for an educated audience. The information in this article will be very helpful in my introduction. I will be able to include credible background information on the history of Welfare reform, different approaches taken to make welfare reform a success, and the current situation that our President is in when dealing with welfare reform. Bennet clearly argues for the continuation of welfare through his strong statements against Bush's current ideas of cutting welfare.

In conclusion, Bennet states “the flexibility to combat poverty or simply the flexibility to cut funding” will decide the future of welfare reform. Whether the current Bush administration continues cutting money from any program they can or whether they decide to build up a new welfare program to stop poverty, the American people await.

Sunday, November 02, 2003

I hate how fast weekends go by when you're at home. I felt like I was there for maybe 2 or 3 hours tops. I miss it already!! I didn't realize we only have 5 days left to get our bibliographies done, Im such a procrastinator! (although i have been sick, and who really does homework when they feel like crap, right?) Hope everyone's halloween was fun, I hung out at home with my sister and I loved it. It's so nice to do nothing and get out of the dorms. And I didn't have to worry about finding a costume so it all worked out well. Hope everyone's bibliographies went well, see everyone in class tomorrow.

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