Friday, October 31, 2003

well, heres another post. dont worry about snowboardergirls post, cuz i already took care of it.
anyway, um. i got 2 packages from my mom this morning, one with a huge warm coat in it and the other had food. i was soooo happy. i guess my mom and dad gave each other huge coats for their wedding gifts, 31 years ago, so my mom gave me the one my dad gave her. real, authentic 70's coat, its awesome. and it think its a sweet present to give each other. im wearing it right now! whoa!
anyway, time to start class i think. have fun with your annotated bibliographies everyone.

does ne one have ten cents that i can borrow, i have ninety and i lost the other dime

So, Im going to Chicago tonight!!!!!! I saw "Finding Nemo" last night, that movie was so funny. They are playing the Matrix Reloaded on Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:00 at the St. Paul Campus, so if any body wants to go. I cant wait until Christmas break, I am so tired of school, I dont ever want to do anything! But, any who, I'm not dressing up this Halloweeen :(, Last year I dressed up as a prostitute, that was funny! I think next year I'll dress up like Julia Roberts character in Pretty Woman, I'll get a kick out of that! (haaa-haaa!)

Home sweet Home!! I wish that I could go home every weekend but unfortunately I cant. Because I can't, my mother and my sister are coming to see me today!!! They should actually be here when I get out of this class. Being around family seems to make all my frustrations and stress go away. Seeing the faces of people I care so much about make me wish I was at home. Everyday I run into a new problem of some sort so I am greaful that I can take my mind off of everything else and spend some time with my family!

Happy Halloween Everybody! Im on a severely small budget for my halloween costume, actually i refuse to spend any money on it, so im wearing some really old gross jeans, a phillips gas station shirt and putting dirt all over my face (or makeup) and im gonna be a gas station attendant. Man, it hurts to be so creative. I dont really know what me and my friend are gonna do, but i guess her friend is having a party. whatever. i just want to dress up and be dirty on purpose for once.
My mom was gonna come up this weekend, but i told her it would be too hectic and crazy, so i think she's gonna visit me next weekend. Im pretty excited because i havent seen her in a month.

what is everyone going to be for halloween? i'm kinda excited for everything even though i don't have a clue what is ging on? does anyone know if there is anything going on on campus for halloween? i'm debating whether i should come down here and participate in all of the festivities, well i think i'm making too big of a deal ot of this because no one else has posted about halloween, so hows everyones annotated bibs going? when are the due? its hard to get started on them but i know that i have a lot of work so i think i might skip the festivities and work on school work

Happy halloween everybody! tonite will bo fun, for a lot of other people! i'm going to be sitting at home trying to figure out what to do for my annotated bibliography, i guess id on't reall understand what to do for the thing, its hard geting started i guess, well better get cracking i need to find better soarces for mine, have fun on halloween though

I found the Deaf culture Article very interesting. I gave me a whole new view on the way I look at Deaf People. Thier view of the world is totally different form ours. And I respect that. I find it amazing the way people can communicate with their hands. I've tried to learn a little sign language, all I learned is the alphabet. This article taught me a lot about those of the Deaf Culture.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

I'm trying to get fired up to do my annotated bibliography, but I just can't make myself do it. I've put it off all this week because I was sick, but I finally caved and went to Boynton yesterday. Now I have about 6 bottles of medication sitting by me because I waited to long to go and one thing leads to another. Note to you all: even if it's just a cold, if it's not gone in two weeks, then go to the doctor- it's obviously developed into something else! Wish I had done the same, but it's all good now because I'm on the mend. But now I have no excuse for not doing my bibliography, so that kinda sucks. I decided to go home this weekend, being Halloween down here and Homecoming, there's no way I'd do any work at all, and I have so much to catch up on. So I'm going home and locking myself in my bedroom till it's all done, good plan eh? going to take a chemistry quiz...

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

I found the article regarding ASL to be very interesting. This has nothing to do with deafness as a culture but I thought the story of the parents who had a deaf child to be kind of creepy how the father was planning on living through his daughter. On there birth announcement they had "Stanford class of 2009, track, academic all-American, B.S. in pre-astronautics, Cum Laude, 2008 Olympics (decathaolon), Miss Florida, Senate hopeful". Then later the father says "these are the kinds of things I'd like to see, that would make me proud, in my child". These seem like ridiculous expectations, especially since this is what his daughter has to do and become to make him proud. I just thought it was ignorant of him to think that his daughter would be unable to accomplish any of these things since she is deaf.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

ok so i read the deafness as culture thing and its kinda cool. ive always thought ASL was neat and one of these days i plan to learn it. its a pretty well written article thing that shows both sides of whether deafness is a cullture or not. i also liked how the author shows different people's views on different approaches to being deaf and communicating with the majority of the world. has anyone seen mr. holland's opus. it kinda deals with some of the topics in the article.... about how hearign parents can deal with learnign to communicate with their deaf child adn whether or not to teach signing.

a friend of mine and i were looking at going to see a play and i noticed that the mixed blood theater is showing a play called sweet nothing in my ear. it is about the deaf and is performed in ASL and spoken english. it looks kinda neat. just thought id let everyone know in case they wanted to go see a play int eh near future. here is the website mixed blood

Monday, October 27, 2003

i actually liked the article that we are reading. aside from the context, it gave me a great hint that helps strengthening my paper. that is the people who actively promote multicultral education have more or less a socialist world view. and back to the article itself, i partly agree with the author. i do think that the dominate population of a place oppress the subord. with total conscienceness, whereas the subord suffer the oppression due to various differences and desparately convince themselves that there isn't an oppression. what i don't agree is that subord don't have a chance to make a difference for their lives. if 2 children, one black and one white, had the same education in one country, they will both have the same amount and quality of tools to build their future by the time they graduate. the black kid "may" encounter a few more refusals for job interviews, but once his specialty and skills get recognized, he'll just be receiving the same amount of respect and "power" the white kid has. to me, dominance and subordinance are just bais. if a person has enough self-esteem and self-recognition, he or she can break the bound. the world today is very practical, all values are evaluated from the actual contribution that a person can offer to a business, a project or whatever. my theory is that the root to discrimination is self-discrimination.

ok so aside from the missing pages i still dont really get the reading in the course pack. well i kinda understand the reading but i dont get how its supposed to be a definitional argument. i read adn reread the book adn the thing in the course pack over the past two days adn im not seeign a definitional argument. maybe im just too stressed and exhausted to get it. i dont know. so anyhoo i have a calc exam this week adn its gonna kick my butt but i can study adn hope right? sure, ill keep telling myself that. well, my chihuahua is doing a bit better. today she went to her regular vet who did some more tests adn such. they still dont know what happened but she is starting to feel pressure adn pain in her left side. i dont want her to feel pain but feeling pain is better than feeling nothing. she is a tough little girl and she is makign some positive progress which gives us hope that she may improve enough to be able to walk again, sometime, i hope. thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers. please continue to keep her in your thoughts.

Well today is Monday, And I am very very sleepy. The extra hour we recieved from daylights savings time was nice though. This is a very hectic week for me because Midterms are around again. I have two this week and one next week. I have my micro-econ midterm the same day the annotated bibliography is due. So I have a lot to do this week. I still have yet to go to the library and get my sources for my paper, which reminds me, Sarah don't forget to bring the books you said you were going to bring for me. That would help me with my paper alot, Thanx. Well that's all I have to say for today. Have a great day everybody!!

so does anyone here celebrate half-birthdays. i do!!! its my half birthday today (dont ask how old though cause its old). anhoo my chihuahua is going to see another vet today and maybe a nuerological specialist so maybe we can find out more info and hopefully find out exactly what happened. we still think its most likely a stroke. her right side is perfectly ok... she has muscle control, reflexes adn feels pain. her left side is nonresponsive although the back leg has some minor movement and feeling. she was on painkillers yesterday because she would cry sometimes when you touched her left legs so we are taking that as a good sign that she is regaining at least a tiny bit of feeling. she can urinate on her own but she still caant move or stand on her own so we have to prop her up and place her left legs in a position that supports her weight, but as long as she doenst try to walk she can stand there long enough to go to the bathroom (we have are hands under her to catch her if her leg buckles). shes eatign well too so thats a good sign. all we can do at this point is wait and give her whatever we can. so anyhoo, i guess these arent really class related topics or multicultural or anything but i just needed to vent some of my hyperemotions this weekend. ill try to post something better later this week.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Well, heres another post. My roommates all go home for the weekend, every weekend. i guess its nice to have some privacy for 3 days, but when they come back its hell. I have to remember to not turn on the light in the morning, and they usually keep me awake pretty late because theyre constantly typing on their computers. I guess all i can do is enjoy this last day by myself.
School work is getting hectic, i have another huge drawing review on wednesday. Every other person i talk to has super easy classes, im stuck building models and drawing and drafting for hours. Plus supplies are getting expensive. oh, whoa is me.
anyway, time to go drink lots of coffee and study for awhile.

So i also missed last wednesdays class because of my lack of immune system, well kinda. I went to boynton and got a strep test, but i dont have that so its all good. Just gotta take these silly pink pills for awhile.
Did you all see the snow last night? i was truely amazed. Im so excited to make snow men. Except i dont know if i'll want to go outside when the Minnesota winter comes along, i hear its totally worse than Southeastern Wisconsin's. but whatever, im excited nonetheless.

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