Saturday, October 25, 2003

I just got home from the Gopher vs. Bulldog hockey game. I'm a hardcore Bulldog fan (that's UM- Duluth for anyone who doesn't know). I've been going to the games since I was a baby, and now I have a cousin playing for the team so I was really excited for the game. Anyways, it was a sweep by the Bulldogs ( meaning UMD won both games, Friday and Saturday) which is huge considering that U of M was the National Champions. So, obviously I didn't sit on the student section, I probably would've been beaten. I couldn't believe what an obnoxious fan section the Goperhs have. It was unreal, even the parents were really rude to anyone wearing Bulldog apparel. I had elderly people making comments to me as I left the arena about the Bulldogs, things that I could never post on the internet. I didn't know people that age knew words like that!! It was quite appalling, I've never been disrepctful to people of the other team, it's great to be supportive and cheer for your team, but you don't have to be mean and disrespectful to the opposing team fans. I know it's all in fun, but I'd say that nowadays things are getting kind of out of hand. Walking back to my dorm I had to defend myself the whole way....I should've just taken off my swearthisrt, I didnt know it would be that big of a deal ! But when someone said something to me, I'd just smile and remind them who won the sweep...looks like the Gophers have some competition this year. I love the U of M and support all the sports, but I was disgusted by the people there so I've never been so happy to see them lose.

ok so i need all you guys help. if you are religious i need your prayers adn if your not i need positive thoughts and energies. personally i dont know if i believe in god or not but i do believe in the healing power of prayer adn positive thoughts and energies. my baby chihuahua (technically my boyfriend's but i picked her out adn bought her for him) is in grave need of help. last night she started to walk funny when she went out to go to the bathroom. this mornign the left side of her body was paralyzed. she spent the moring in the emergincy room getting x-rays and tests performed. nothing showed up on any of the x-rays and all the tests came back negative. we dont know whats wrong. the vet mentioned that she may have had an embalism in her spine or she may have internal swellign from some damage that we cant find. she was running around playign with us and the kitten yesterday adn now she cant move. shes on prednisone to reduce any swelling if that is the cause and we are limiting her attempts to move. she is being handfed adn given water subcutaneously. if anyone has ever had a pet that has had anything like this happen, please let me know so i can talk to the vet about different potential causes. i am so scared. its gonna be her birthday in a few weeks adn shes supposed to turn two. if she doesnt get better, well have to put her down. she cant even go to the bathroom by herself now. im scared. im sorry to ask but i need all the help i can get. please just keep her in your thoughts adn if you can, please pray for her.

Friday, October 24, 2003

This just a good suggestion to all males and at the same time it relates to my topic.
Foreign languages are sexy. Yes eloquent usage of our own tongue is extremely arousing, but to be able to use another language based on simply its sound, be it fluid, or harsh, or whatever it may sound like... is one of the best ways to romance a woman.
I've just tried this for myself. This morning I learned a little bit of Gaelic (the native language of Ireland which is just barely surviving the tremendous English usage on the island). I learned only the most important phrase: "I love you" (Which translates to: Ta pairt tu , if you're wondering) and spoke it to my girlfriend who is nearly all Irish. She said, "that's sweet," and kissed me and I can't tell you the rest of the story...
Anyways, my point is: other languages are sexy, they can bear a very romantic meaning and intice some peoples passions. Some... What did we call that a "qualifier"?
So... Hence my defence of linguistic diversity.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Here's a segment of my annotated bibliography.

Jack Citrin, Beth Reinhold, Evelyn Walters Donald P. Green "The "Official English" movement and the Symbolic Politics of Language in the United States" The Western Political Quarterly 43 (1990) 535-559
Citrin, Reinhold, Walters and Green provide first the historical background of linguistic conflict as it occurs in the United States followed by a detailed description of the late eighty's situation on the official language issue. Their purpose is to identify who supports an official language in the United States and why, thus they examine only those cases in which English has been adopted as the official language of a state because of a populist movement. Focusing primarily on the State of California, using five tables of demographic and ideological information obtained from exit polls and research phone calls, they statistically evaluate the likelihood that someone will support and official language policy in the United States.They discovered that the most likely person to support an official language is a strongly conservative, white, republican over the age of sixty five with little education past high school.
When asking for what reasons people support an official language, the response, once again through exit polls and telephone research, is nearly unanimous, "speaking and writing English is very important in making one a 'true' American" (550).
This source is not highly credible as it is thirteen years old though its statistics may be useful to compare to today's statistics for a view of sentiment change for or against an official English language policy. It is not useful when looking for a national perspective as it focuses nearly solely on the state of California with a few sentences each mentioning Florida, Colorado and Arizona. The rest of the United States is treated generally because as the article explains, California, Florida, Colorado and Arizona have the greatest proportion of linguistic minority groups to the majority language group, bringing about the most intense linguistic conflict to be seen in the U. S.
I would use this source only for its historical content and past statistics in relation to today's. It is not agumentative, and is neutral in its sentiments towards its study of the "Official English" movement.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

So....I missed class today because I think I lost my immune system. Really. I've been sick more this month and a half that I've been here then I ever have my whole life. It's crazy! I don't know what the deal is, maybe it's just living in a very new environment and pretty far from home. Maybe I miss my bed?!?! Probably not why I'm sick, but I do miss my bed. So today when I finally got out of bed and was alive enough to move around, me and my roommate had to disinfect our room because I've been coughing and sneezing everywhere. I know, gross. But I have nothing else to talk about right now. I was going to make an appointment to go to Boynton and get a throat culture, thinking maybe I have strep throat......but I don't know if I can go to some random doctor, I've had the same one my whole life, I can't just go to some random guy now, right? Scary, so I guess I wait it out, maybe it's just a really bad sore throat? Let's hope......See you all Monday, I'll be germ free, promise.

ok so i dont really anyhting to thrilling to write about so ill write about my research topic (amniocentesis/ prenatal genetic testing). its really kinda weird because im learning a decent amount of information on fetuses and pregnancy and personally i think that stuff is really weird and kinda gross. kids are cute and all but i dont think ill ever have them for many reasons... one of which being the simple fact that i think the whole biological aspect of them is kinda gross. during amniocentesis they draw out a sample of amniotic fluid to test the fetus's cells that are sloughed off into the fluid during the fetus's developemnet. so the fetus is basically swimming around in adn breathign this fluid. heres the really gross part... the fluid is made up of, not only fetal cells, but fetal urine. they breathe their own urine. eeeewwwwww!! ok so im a bit squimish and its part of nature and all but i think its just a little too gross for me. its kinda a neat topic though. im pretty interested in the genetic stuff adn the ability to test for genetic makeup of the child. i think that prenatal genetic testign is a bad idea and has a lot of problems but im fascinated by the technology/theory behind it. ok i guess thats it for now.

so we just did the class participation evaluation. I think it's a pretty fair statement that we all know our strengths and weaknesses, and have a good idea of the areas we should be working on not only in classes, but in life. often times, we take these drawbacks, the lacking elements for perfection, as the qualifiers for our uniqueness by saying "i am just all that!" as least it's quite true for myself. maybe i said that to make life easier for myself, but i think i am more a supporter of individuality. and that's why in my research paper, i so strongly oppose multicultural curricula to be included in elemenary education. because all my life i have been struggling for my culture, tradition and nationality. if china, england, and usa were at war with eachother, i seriously don't know which side i would support. many (or say most) of my friends here, or from home would say they don't see a lot of chinese culture in me and would think that i am really "americanized". i can see why, cus america is sort of a salad bowl with a little bit of everything. however, how much of the american culture do i know? and how royal could i be to this country? i guess 3 years of staying here is longer enough for me to answer these questions. so everytime where people ask me where my home is, i'll tell them that i am still looking for the place where i could call home! well, have a good day and enjoy the rest of the nice weather, you guys!!

The strike. I have to admit I don't know about what they are striking for. I heard something about them not being paid enough or something like that. But why strike? I never did understand why people strike in the first place. I understand they have the right to do it. I guess I have never been in the position that warranted striking.
On a different note - who thinks Kobe Bryant is guilty? I don't know if he is or isn't . I kinda want to say that he is because why would she say anything. Or did things go far and things happened, he realized he made a mistake cheating on his wife, and when this other girl wanted to hook up with him again, he shot her down, and she got pissed off and decided to go after him - putting his marriage and career in jeopardy. I guess no one knows.
So talk about his unseasonably warm weather!!! Monday was beautiful as well as today. Unfortunately I can never enjoy them. Well I'll see you all in class later.

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