Thursday, October 09, 2003

about the sushi story, i felt a little discouraged and confused by it. like amanda, i dont understand why only being colored means that you have a background. i never really thought about it until amanda mentioned the fact that she always has to choose caucasian when filling out forms. well since caucasian means white, shouldn't the list consist of choosing from white, black, yellow, red... and so on? but this can't be done, because people want to identify who they are. yet im still not given that option. i feel that because im white, im not allowed to have a history. and i suppose this works in the other direction, maybe people who aren't white feel that they are tied to their history too much and that their skin color plays too much of a role in everything they do? i'm nearly of pure swedish blood, and finding anyone of a single nationality is pretty rare so im proud of that, but somehow just labeling myself as a caucasian takes away from all of that when i see the other options there are to choose from when filling out forms. actually, the more i think about it maybe i really dont mind. why are we identifying ourselves by our skin at all? on any forms? does it matter.........well i think we've all already established that it doesn't at all. so i just completely changed my mind after writing all of this.......yet no matter how much we want to just forget about it all, and all be equal, it's too hard to do, no one wants to just dismiss everything that they're made of, so i guess the goal needs to be to teach everyone else to be more accepting.

i have never imagine that i would have to put in such a great effort to make a commitment. but, here in college, for the first time in 18 years of my life, i am going to commit to myself that i would NOT skip a class unless absolutely have to! i know it sounds funny and weird, but i really am a lazy person and i must push myself to do stuff. we'll see how that goes, and hopefully the price that i paid for it is big enough to wake me up every morning.

I'd like to share with all of you a new idea that was put into my head to see what you all think. This idea is that in life there are so many aspects that must be controlled. Whether it is our finances and what bank we choose, our education and what school we choose, or the type of vehicle we choose to purchase, in every case there is a porfound amount of planning and effort that goes into making sure we have the exact "fit". All of these parts of our lives that I have mentioned are incredibly important to everyone, however, there is one more part of our lives that I believe is the absolute most important, who we decide to spend the rest of our lives with. Though, this one aspect is not a part of our lives that we sit down and carefully analyze before going into a relationship. At least not in our "American" culture. Here we allow fate and destiny and the idea that maybe if I go out to this dance club tonight, I will find the man of my dreams! If you look at love in this aspect the thought sounds kind of silly. In other cultures, choosing a partner is an act that the whole family participates in. Some cultures even have an interview process and truly look at who will fit well with who. This idea of arranged marriages has never appealed to me and probably never will, however, I think the logic behind the most important aspect of our lives if fasinating!

This idea kind of relates to my research topic...being that I am studying Bush's plan of having a Marriage incentive. Thinking in the terms of "what makes sense" financially, a marriage is usually a great option, however, I still can not come to terms with the fact that marriage might ever be looked at as something you should be rewarded for and in turn, get more welfare. Anyways, I am really looking forward to exploring the issue more and more and continue relating it to my love of exploring human relations!

Enjoy the beautiful weather everyone!!!

I have a complaint. Does this happen to anyone else who uses this?
Is it always you have to write a post before you can view our blog page?
Every time I try to just read something before I write this place causes an error, and my computer freezes. Like right now, I would instead of writing something, ponder to myself, "Hmmmm, I'd like to read something, and then respond to it, because I really don't know what to write of yet." So I would then click on that view Blog button up above, and apparently that is, "an illegal operation and my computer needs to be shut down"
I just want to read some things!!! Is there something wrong with my computer? Who can I write to?
Or does this happen to everyone? Somehow I doubt it. My computer is stone aged. A Neanderthal could proudly point and laugh.

Here is my rant about my topic...
A universal language would be catastrophic to our species culturally. If all humans were the same, we would be only too boring. Don't forget the universally accepted language English is derived from number of different languages.
A universal language is also impossible. Ever noticed that comparing modern English to that spoken about six-hundred years ago by Chaucer is radically different? Change is imminent. A universal language could only improve communication world-wide for a few years... before a thousand new dialects established themselves, and new languages would emerge again!!! Yae language!!!
Say I the quest for universal understanding is difficult, but it makes all of this fun, being different that is.
The Whorf hypothesis states that a language determines how an individual perceives the world. Different languages allow different perceptions, and we need them all for perhaps a better understanding of our world as a whole, than of our own miniscule humanity.

So I kmow that we read the Sushi story last week, but I have not had any time to write untl now. I have to say I was kind of discouraged when reading the essay. I don't understand all of that stuff. Maybe it's because I am not a minority or I have not really been exposed to situations like that, but I just don't get it. I never could understand the reason for racism and I really wasn't aware of "colorism". I just don't understand why peopel can't just see people for who they really are and not what the pigment of their skin is. My best friend is half black and half white, and I consider her my sister that I never had. To me, and irt should be this way for everyone, it never mattered what her skin color is, but who she is.
Another concept I don't understand either is this need to declare one's multiculturalism. She talks about minorities that maybe asian-african american wanting the right to declare their heritage on important forms. Well, what about me? Just because my skin happens to be white doesn't mean I am not made up of different cultures. On government form, I have to declare myself caucasion when there are about five nationalities that make me who I am. I guess I am naive, but I just don't get it.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

I met with my advisor for the first time today. I wish I had done that earlier, I have a lot to think about the next couple of years if I even want to hope of getting into vet school someday. Its so much work! It's kind of weird not having class this week, I feel like im forgetting something. I need to get a better start on my prospectus because Im falling behind, in high school i used to write all my papers an hour before they were do, but that just doesn't cut it here. Although it is much more rewarding to get a good grade on something you work hard on, so I'm actually liking the change. Sorry Ashley about your algebra test, dont feel bad I did terrible on my first midterm too. I'm sure things will only get better from here on out though.

So, I went to Houston this past weekend, it was fun, I wish I could go back every weekend. Then Tuesday came around and I got my Algrbra test back ready to look at my failing score, and guess what I got..........A big fat ZERO!!!!! Someone please tell me how is that possible? I took the test knowing that I failed, but I expected to get at least one point, dang. But, I have to laugh about it or else I'll probably cry! Anywho, Im tired of school and i'm tired of Minnesota, I never thought I would miss my home town, but I do! I'm writing my research paper on factory farming, hopefully it will be somewhat interesting, I know I can find alot of information on it, I just hope my topic holds my interest for the rest of the semester.

Monday, October 06, 2003

I went home for the weekend just for a chance to escape the ever changing atmostphere here at college. Went I got home though, I realized I really do like the change. It was nice to see my family, and some friends but it gets boring so quickly. I went to our homecoming football game, and it was weird walking around seeing so many people you know, as opposed to school here where you might recognize a few faces. I find it humorous that all of the cliques that engulfed my high school are suddenly gone now that we've graduated, and we're all magically friends. I guess college at least teaches you maturity. Alright random post.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Hey, everyone, I don't know if you saw, but under Eva's October 4 post, one of our readers made a comment: His name is Shemuel and here is his blog. That's one of the cool things about blogging; it's not just a class discussion board. We have outside readers too who see that you guys have a lot to say!

My topic for the research project, as many of you know, deals with the fairly new welfare reform plan by the Bush administration. This plan is talking about women needing to have an incentive to get married, call the Marriage Incentive Plan. I am still doing research on the plan itself, but so far the information is really really interesting because I completely disagree that the government has any right what-so-ever to try to push a woman to marry simpl for finacial reasons. My family history involves divorce and remarriages and the thought that my mom might have married some guy that treats her really badly, but it would be good financially makes me sick. So, needless to say, I am excited to explore BOTH sides of the story and see if I can get a more equal view point. I plan to approach this subject by first exploring when welfare reform began to take place. From there I will hopefully be able to see what ideas have been and what did and didn't work. My working thesis statement will be: The current Marriage Incentive Plan by the Bush administration is not healthy for the women of the American society. And my research question is: What is a better way to reform the welfare plan? My major is family social science and I am very excited to apply my learnings of welfare reform to ideas of incredibly intelligent people within the field of family social science. What an opportunity!

Hey everyone, I just got home from Applefest, and it was great of course. So many apples, I loved it. And we actually had nice weather this year for it. It's so nice to be at home, and sleep in your own bed even though I really do like it in the cities. It's relaxing to be in the middle of the woods again, I still haven't adjusted to the noise 24/7 down here. I'm used to all stores closed at 5, everyone home with their families for the night. But here, I dont think people ever sleep! Crazy. It'll be weird not having class all week, but nice too since it's my last one of the day and I'll be done earlier. Hope everyone enjoys their time off of class.....see you next week.

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