Saturday, October 04, 2003

wow...the "sushi and grit" had really blown my mind off!! it has never crossed my mind that there is actually such a big colorism issue here in the states, and even a bigger shock for me to find out that the "mixed" or multiethnic people are under such great pressure. cus somehow in asia, it's commonly accepted that a person with multiethnic, or multicultural, or multilingual background has a more advanced social status. that's cultural differences, i guess! and as for me personally, being the minority, or extreme miority while in nebraska, has never scared or bothered me that much. may be, besides of having a good attitude toward people and things, luck is something that i really need to thank god for.

I actually got the inspiration for my research topic walking along the Washington bridge one evening, looking at all the posts or ad or whatever you call them, I couldn't help but notice how many active religious groups there are on campus. I just wonder how do people who have a religious background deal with the contradictory topics taught in a public school and their religion, and how did their families and churches give them guidance ragarding that issue. I am trying comparing and contrast the different principles and the attitudes existing between Orthodox and Reform Judaism. So, hopefully I'll be able to find eonough sources to support the points that I am trying to make, and since I don't have a whole lot of knowledge in either of these religions, it'll be quite a challenge!

Friday, October 03, 2003

hey everyone i think that this class is awsome i like the different papers that we have an opprtunities to write, the prospectus, and getting familiar with different styles of writinga nd the research paper that lets us intuitively argue our points and to express our opinions in a paper, which is a chance that we don't get to do much in college papers. and happy birthday clancy!!!

hey i'm posting about my research prospectus and i think that my final topic will be one about the availability of birth control in high school and asking why they don't have more availability of contraceptives and why they don't better inform teenagers about the risks and different aspects involved with birth control and the concequences of doing it with out any nowlege of the topic because i have many first hand experiences with this issue and i think that it is one that should be addressed

Well, for another weekend Im stuck? Stuck here in the state of Minnesota. But the good news is next weekend I get to home. Chicago! Doesn't irt sound great. I have missed it for the past three weeks. I have yet ti get use to this place. I don't think its going to be an easy transition. I have really missed home and I am really anticipating my trip home next weekend. I think my trip home will help me do better in class and it will give me a break in the mist of all the homework I have to do. But I will get to see my mother my brothers and sister, and the love of my life my two year old niece Tayla. I can't wait to go. Its going to GREAT!!!

My reasearch Topic research is going pretty well. There Is a lot of information on diversity. I just find it hard to narrow the topic down to Diversity in a School/college setting. There is a lot to be said aobut this subject. But I know that it will take a lot of time to gather all of the information that I need. I do appreciate the time in class that we are given to search for reference materials.

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Midterms are getting me so stressed out. I want to cry. But I have a Microeconomics Midterm first thing tomorrow morning Hopefully It will be better than my algebra midterm (I feel you ashley). Anyways, I get to go home also next weekend, to Chicago. I miss home so much. I get to go home and comfort my little brother. He just Broke his leg last weekened in one of his football games. He is so upset because The homecoming game for his team is next saturday:( I told him that he should still go to support the team. But yeah, I'm excited to go home as well.

Hey--I'd really rather you guys didn't post the reports about the members of your group here on the blog. For those of you who did, that's okay, but if you haven't, send them to me (not the class list) at ratli008@umn.edu. You're welcome to post about your research topic here OR email it to me. Thanks.

I think our group, did a good job on putting the paper together. Amanda pretty much made sure that all of our writings didn't conflict with the other group members, and kept it flowing. I think everyone did their share and did a great job of writing on their topic. Thanks Jamie for the money to print it out!

Sooooo.......Ummm.......I get to home this weekend too!!!!!To Houston, TX!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited. I think I got a 20% or so on my Algebra test, I didnt know what the heck I was doing! But anyways for my research topic, I think I'm still going to be writing about raising farm animals on a traditional type of farm vs. raising them on a factory farm. I was able to find quite alot of sources on Friday on the Web and in some books, so hopefully they will have what I am looking for. I am so tired of coming to school. The majority of my classes are real pointless, and I don't need them to graduate, which makes it even worse. How did I end up with them??????? I was going to talk abbout something else, but I forgot, oh well.

For my research project I think i'll stick with critiquing how the US using the metaphors "melting pot" and "salad bowl" and which works best, if either of them work at all. Hopefully I'll be able to find a lot of resources on those topics.
I'm going home this weekend (Duluth/Superior) to go to the Bayfield Applefest, anyone else ever gone to it? Well if not, it's a huge fest celebrating, well, apples and Fall I guess. There's apples there in every form imagineable (pie, caramel etc..) with a huge parade of apple-related floats and high school bands from high schools in the area and many from over a few hours away. It's right on the shore of Lake Superior so it's absolutely beautiful in the fall with all the leaves changing colors.....so if anyone's not doing anything this weekend, you should consider getting some people together and taking a road trip up north, it's worth it I promise.

ok so i feel dense... its been how many weeks of school and ive been ignoring the most obviously multicultural event of my life (yeah ive had a pretty boring life). so this summer my older brother got married. his wife is estonian. she grew up and went to college adn everythign in estonia then came over here to be a nanny. i dont think she intended to stay here when she came here... i think it was just kinda a life experience thing. shes been here four years now. well anyhoo, they got married by a justice of the peace type person adn they were plannign on having a bigger ceremony next year. they are now thinking they will have the ceremony in estonia which will be very cool because then i have a great excuse to go there. anyways, espe is really cool. in high school i did a report on estonia but i didnt remeber much of it so when i talk to her, she tells me about the country and i remember soem of the stuff from the report. she said it was really different when she moved here but she really likes it and she said it would eb weird to move back to estonia. i guess thats about it. oh and my best friedn that ive known since we were seven or eight years old is getting eloped this november (right after thanksgiving) and they are gonna fly me out to vegas to be a witness. so im pretty psyched about that, itll be fun. it makes me feel pretty old though to know all these married people. oh well, the world turns adn theres nothing you can do to stop it.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

ok so ive finally hopefully decided on a topic that ill keep for more than five minutes... i think. im gonna try to write my paper on genetic testing of fetuses to determine likelyhood of the baby having a disease and wether it is ok to test the fetus in the first place (i think that the parents should be tested before they create a fetus) since it is somewhat dangerous to the fetus adn then if it is ok to terminate the pregnancy based on test results... or something along those lines. i think it is something im interested in but hopefully will be able to keep myself out of it emotionally enough to actually finish the paper. ( yeah fat chance but i can try right??) in general it would help me a lot to know what all of you think about the ethical side of this topic. itll give me something to help figure out what the general public (aka the class) thinks about it. thanx a bundle.

Sushi and Grits was quite an interesting essay. A little confusing when she suddenly brought the reader back to that one interview, or meeting with that woman, Love. I really had no idea that those kinds of ill-feelings were present multi-ethnic and minority groups.
I do wonder why we decided to subjugate certain peoples in the first place. A few thousand years ago, everyone enslaved everyone. The Greeks enslaved the Persians, the Romans enslaved the Greeks, etc, etc, etc. It didn't matter what people looked like, they would be enslaved on account of their being criminals not on account of race. (I think, I hope)... How did it come to be that barely two-hundred years ago, we enslaved and exploited people just because they looked a certain way? This really doesn't make sense to me. Can anyone help me?

Our group did awesome job, we ruled the rhetorical analysis of A Small Place. Amanda did a whole bunch with making sure we all got our stuff to her and she put it all together. Even though i had to redo the Ethos, i think i did ok on it. I dont think theyre were any problems, except for having to reprint it and stuff, but no biggy.
Yay, i get to go home on Friday sooo excited. Ive never been away from home for longer than a week before now. IM super duper excited, especially to see my dog and my best friend. :)
I never realized how architecturally rich Racine is until now, having Frank Lloyd Wright design a majority of our buildings. My Architecture professor is in love with him. Maybe when i go home I'll appreciate those silly looking buildings i always overlooked. <3

I really don't know what to do for my topic. I was thinking about doing the stadium issue here at the U, but I don't know if I could find sources on that. I think it would be cool if I could interview someone that was in charged of financing here at the U, or even the president of the U, or whatever they call him. But are there any written sources of information? I think I might do for the stadium because there would be a lot of figures like how much the stadium would cost, the issue on parking, how much revenue is projected from ticket sales and concessions, and the high probability of more students coming to a football game that was on campus. Then I think about writing a piece that will actually mean something , like eating disorders, how many girls have them, how society influences it, etc... I'm lost, I have no clue which one to do.
On the brighter side, it's October, and that means Halloween. Every year at the place I waitress, we all get dressed up, have costumes contests, and play BINGO. It's a blast, but I don't know what to be. If anybody has any suggestions, let me know. Thanks.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

I've had a very interesting super-diverse, cultural happening. On Sunday I went to a Korean Catholic Church. The English speaking mass was cancelled for the day so they told me to go away. And maybe come back later.
I did.
For some reason I relish the feeling of being an extreme minority. It's something I've rarely ever experienced in my life living in Minnesota. Maybe if I was a minority for a long period of time I would think differently about it. For the moment it is a novel experience of being one out of so many, so very unique. I also see how minority groups have such strong group cohesion. If I ever want to stand out, I will put myself in a minority position. Well, anyways, it was cool.
It's the same thing as if it were spoken in English, though I think more beautiful. (Here's where it pertains to my research paper)
This has been an experience to change my ideas to a way that fully advocates for linguistic diversity. I would have spoken for a sole, universal language before, but after hearing such a thing as I did on Sunday, I hope only for the preservation of our diversity in languages because they each have their own beautiful qualities.
This little boy ahead of me would look back at me, then point me out to his parents and probably ask, "why is he here? he's white!" I thought it hilarious!
It was a wonderful experience.

Monday, September 29, 2003

I think that both my group and the group that we exchanged with did a really good job communicating throughout the whole process of peer review. I want to thank jordan and will especially for their hard work and for keeping me involved in the group efforts while I was gone. Here's a little taste of culture for all of you: the reason I was gone was because of the Jewish Holiday Rosh Hashana. This means that we are bringing in the new year, reflecting on the old one, and looking for forgiveness from the ones that we have wronged. Yom Kippur is celebrated 10 days after Rosh Hashana. Yom Kippur means the "day of attonment". On this day, we are told, that g-d will put you in the book of life or the book of death for the upcoming year. Between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur are the days when Jews are supposed to ask for forgiveness and truly reflect on their actions towards others and towards themselves that they took place in throughout the year. I think that this is a really nice way of looking at our lives. I also feel that this holiday offers hope and offers a new start for people that had a hard year and want to refresh themselves of their sins. I would love to know how this relates to other religions, so write back or post a blog if you want to share:)

Check out these sites to learn more if interested:
this one is for rosh hashana: http://www.jewfaq.org/holiday2.htm
this one is for yom kippur: http://www.jewfaq.org/holiday4.htm

Ive decided to do my research paper on 20th century architecture and how past centuries have revolutionized modern architecture. I realized how much i love modern architecture, and Im actually pretty excited about finding research on it.
I guess independent music is my main love, but not much research can be done on this subject. Anyway, Im sure i can find lots and lots of research on modern architecture, and i can put my imput in on this subject too. Im also hoping this research paper will get me even more excited about my major in general.

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