Friday, September 26, 2003

I thought the peer review we had today was a really good idea. It helps a lot to get feedback on your writing, I know i have a lot of work to do to improve my writing so I really appreciate any critiquing I can get. Working in the groups wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, I kind of enjoyed it actually. I felt like I had to do better work because it wasn't just my grade anymore, it was someone else's too.
I liked being able to read everyone else's too to see how they viewed everything, it's neat to see how the same assignment can have so many different turnouts. All the different views made me think of the story a little different and put a new twist on things for me. Anyways, hope everyone's peer reviews go well.....see you Monday.

we had a very interesting and talented visiting artist come to my photography class yesterday. he was a local artist that went to the u of m. he had many amazing black and white as well as color shots. he started out photography nature, he was from duluth. lots of waterfalls and serene settings. he also did a lot of figure work, male and female nudes. Two of his sets were form detroit and some town in ohio. He shot many pictures of old run down buildings, buildings that had been set on fire in riots. These two towns are some of the most run down and "living in the past towns" his photos looked like they were from the 50's but the were shot a few years ago. there were no people in his shots. The towns looked like ghost towns. One picture had a sign advertising 15 cent hamburgers. the variety and differents qualities of life in america are amazing. detroit is the second richest city in america next to beverly hills, but yet it looks like the city is disintegrating in parts.

I think that this rhetorical analysis assignment was very easy. At least the part that I had to do: Ethos. But that is why I am really egar to hear what the other group has to say about our paper. Even though it seemed easy we may have done a terrible job writing it and putting it together. Often times I find that when an assignment appears too easy I don't take it serious enough to prodce quality work. So this is the reason why I can't wait to have peer edit (review) so I can see if I underestimated this assignment. Hopefully i did't and my work as well as my groups work is going to be good enough quality to recive a pretty good grade!

Well, today is a rainy day but it isn't too bad. It's also getting cold out and I don't have a winter coat yet. Anyways, my group's rhetorical analysis is going pretty well. We all divided the sections up so that each person can focus on one section of the paper. We are now in the process of revising and looking the papers over. Hopefully today in class the group switch revising goes well. Other than that I am working on my Research topic. I need to find more sources. I am glad that we got this assignment in advance I need all the time that I can get.

Aw, ashley. That was a cute post. Mothers can be totally mean sometimes. Im really afraid to tell mine that i got my lip pierced a month ago; i think she might rip it out and that will hurt soooo bad.
Anyway, i dont know why im having such a hard time writing about Kincaid's ethos. Im really going to need help today from the person we exchange our papers with, bare with me.
Next week is gonna be pure test, paper writing, assignment doing madness. I have my first graded review in my Architectural drawing class and im super scared. My professor is like a drawing guru and hes going to grade so strictly. My weekend is going to be filled with drawing drawing, and more drawing; and writing a rhetoric paper, of course.
See you guys in 2 hours!

im at work extreamly bored i have nothing to here. So my mom is making me take the bus home today, im scared, i already know im going to get lost :(. Mother can be so mean sometimes. I have to get back to work now

Thursday, September 25, 2003

oh my, it's late and i cant sleep for some reason. I did Ethos for our rough draft paper thats due tomorrow and surprisingly it was really difficult. I think i did it wrong, and i kinda feel bad for the person who has to correct mine. But, thats how i always feel when handing in a paper; somehow i manage to do fine. Did anyone else have a problem with Ethos? i basically found all the information in the first 20 pages, i more or less focused on the the bandwagon tourists often jump on.
I think group work is a really good idea when you have materials that absolutely need to get worked on; the first couple times getting in our groups might have been a bit pointless. But otherwise, i like group work. especially if the group is friendly and easygoing, and willing to help. So, the group im in is awesome.

hey SnWbRdRgRl- to throw a multicultural twist on things... maybe try to find materials on the problems of teen pregnancy/STD's in america vs in other countries and analyze why... do they teach things differently in countries with less of a problem? do they make BC more available? kinda like Bowling for Colombine did with the whole gun issue. maybe try something like that. just a thought

Well, hmmmm......I went to that trip to White Earth,MN also with Hassan and Saunya. It was very interesting. We talked about the rice and how sacred it is to them, and they showed us how to pick grapes and we made jelly, which was suprisingly good. Overall it was a good experience, and I'm glad to have gotten the opportunity, but I don't think I want to do it again. Living in the woods, out in the country just isnt for me. Not at all!
This group paper thing is hard. Everybody trying to get their ideas down, without repeating what some else said, and worrying about what your other group members have to say and wondering if they are effective writers or not, or if they understand what they are supposed to be doing(like me, and still dont completly understand what i'm supposed to be writing about!). I'ts just hard. I'd rather be doing the paper myself so if i did or didnt do something I would get the credit or the blame for it. And I know what exactly would need to be accomplished and have an idea of exactly how I wanted it done. But I guess you can't get everything you want in life, but here's to hoping!

Hey everyone i was thinking about the reseach paper and i am interested in all kinds of subjucts that are related to the availability of birth control and teen pregnancy and teen pregnancy is a very large subject and i was looking for a new spin to it if you have any suggestions, comment underneath this blog, i was thinking of doing a report on the way different schools teach or inform about birth control and how that affects the amount of teen pregnacy or something on the availability and affordability of birth control

Hey everybody I think that the rhetorical analysis is a good way to learn to work in groups, because in our groups we learn how to work with one another instead of spending all of our time alone doing all of the work. I understand the concepts as well as if i would have done it on my own, and working in groups offers you an experience that you would never have had to get to know the people in your class and get to become friends with people who you might not have had a chance to get to know otherwise, i think that in this class we should continue to do group work on projects, it is a good idea, helps all of the people understand the concepts better because you have three people understanding what needs to be done rather than only one person struggling to understand and it offers opportunities for you to get to know more people in the class who you might have otherwise not had a chance to get to know.

Hey everybody I think that the rhetorical analysis is a good way to learn to work in groups, because in our groups we learn how to work with one another instead of spending all of our time alone doing all of the work. I understand the concepts as well as if i would have done it on my own, and working in groups offers you an experience that you would never have had to get to know the people in your class and get to become friends with people who you might not have had a chance to get to know otherwise, i think that in this class we should continue to do group work on projects, it is a good idea, helps all of the people understand the concepts better because you have three people understanding what needs to be done rather than only one person struggling to understand and it offers opportunities for you to get to know more people in the class who you might have otherwise not had a chance to get to know.

I'd been reading Kait's poem and it was a good thought for an argument.
Is an essay really the best way to argue?
Even in our textbook, examples are given of implicit arguments through pictures and other media.
A Small Place, that isn't a formal essay, and in many ways I think that it delivers its message better than if it were in standard essay form with a clear concise thesis and five different points with evidence to support each one. and such and such....
An essay has got to be the most ridgid way to write. I suppose if I was big into logic I would find it fun, but, it still doesn't give the same aesthetic flexability that most other forms of writing do.
Could we write a better paper in our class if allowed to choose a different style?
Could I argue my thoughts on linguistic diversity with a three act play?
At least we would all have more interesting papers, maybe... I think...
Just a thought.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

in regards to pauls post... i agree. its a pretty good class. i am unfortunate enough to have started to take rhet 1101 a while ago but had to drop it for many reasons. so far this has been a better class than that one.

i would have posted this under comments but i still cant figure out how to do that. any help????

ok another meaningles post but its deals with writing so theres my tie-in. i havent written a poem for about six years. i used to write poems a lot. they werent any good but they were a good way to get emotions out when i couldnt figure out any other way. on the bus today on the way to rhet1101 i started to compose a poem in my head. it wasnt intentional... it just started going round and round my head so i wrote it down. its not good at all but for some reason my brain decided to spew it out into the world of paper. feel free to critique it or comment on it... i wont be offended by anyhting i can think of that someone might say about it... if you think it sucks tell me, i promise i wont be mad or feel bad.

Im feeling lost.
Lost in time, lost in space.
Lost in the existence
Of this place.
I am not here.
Nor am I there.
I do not know
Whether I even care.
The world will replace me.
AIt will replace you too.
When we leave a hole
It'll be filled by someone new.
Whether we are good
Or maybe bad
Or maybe we just try to be.
What does it matter.
It will not change
The greater scheme.
It will not change
The world.
But maybe it'll change
Maybe it'll change
Maybe it'll change
Maybe it'll change
So why bother?
With the meaninglessness
Of this futile
Bother for maybe.

yeah so it doesnt make sense but oh well. i just realised it starts out rhyming adn ends up not but im not sure why... it wasnt intentional. and here i am criticizing jamaica kincaid for not making sense... oh well, call me a hypocrit. heehee. although im not trying to make an argument.

I'd have to agree with Paul about our class. I really enjoy the laid back atmosphere of it, and how we can pretty much go any direction we want when it comes to assignments. That allows for much more creative work and different styles of writing can show through. As for working in groups, I think it's kind of hard to hand in a paper as a group. Like Kait said, different styles clashing, hard to balance out the work load too. Sometimes I feel like my work may not be up to par with my partner's and I'd be bringing them down. And on the other hand it's frusterating to have group that doesn't put in as much as you do. (This is past experiences, I'm not referring to my group right now) But it's a good way to start out the class and get to know eachother. Everything has a positive and negative side. Time for me to finish up my paper...

Well as you all know this past weekend I went on a class trip to White Earth Indian Reservation. At first I really didn't want to go because I thought that it was really going to be boring. But i'm really glad that I went because I learned alot while I was on the trip. The point of our trip was to spend a day with native americans from the Ojibiwe tribe and to experience, first hand, the work they put into trying to survive. They are currently in a dispute with the university trying to persuade them not to do genetic testing on wild rice. This rice is very sacred to the ojibiwe tribe and they look at it as a gift from the creator. While on the trip we got to hear a lot of the stories that describe why the native americans believe in some of the things that they do. We had the pleasure of meeting two elders, Earl and Kathy, their son, and their nephew Sean. These individuals gave us a tour of their land and showed us how to pick grapes to make jelly and how to properly process the rice that they are trying to prevent the university from doing genetic testing on. As a result of this trip I think that i am going to do my research paper on this topic of the Ojibiwe and their sacred rice. It ties into my major, food science, and our rhetoric 1101 calss, multiculturalism.

We don't have it bad at all in Rhet1011.
Most other courses that give the same credits and commendation for the same core requirements do so much more.
I'm not complaining at all.
Some classes I know do a two page paper every week.
Others just do meaningless trivial work for hours.
We've got a very good setup.
I think this class is the best that one can have for an introduction into college writing.
A fine transitory state we're in.
Anyway, this isn't an argument, or maybe it is, that this class is pretty good???
Also, we get to work in groups. Not always a good thing, but beneficial in this case. I think.
I only write this because I think maybe someone would agree with me.

Last night, I met a girl in my spanish class who is engaged. How exciting we all thought! So all the other girls and I were inquiring about the fiance, the purposal, the ring, the date...and that was the one that upset her. The date. Her fiance lives in Mexico. She met him three years ago and has been traveling down there monthly for a very long time and spent the entire summer down there. He has not yet been able to come to the United States because he can't get a visa. We all started talking about how if he came in illegally, he couldn't work, they couldn't get married and basically they couldn't lead a healthy, normal life. The girl told us that all the time on Public Service Announcements in Mexico there are warnings never to take an offer from people in a van that ask for money and say that they will get you across the border. The Mexicans have been warned that these vans will drive somewhere just before the Texas border and leave the entire group out in the middle of the desert to die. The government then gives statistics on the announcement, about how they have found another group of about 20 people scattered in an area dead in the desert. And of course the warnings continue to say how many other lives have been lost in the trip from Mexico to the United States. It was very interesting to hear this part of the story. Much like we hear the other side of the story in A Small Place. This conversation then lead to the American government and how is they want people doing it legally, then the process needs to be made much easier. As for now, anyone who is not "clearly established" with lots of money in the Mexican banks and lots of property, will have a very hard time obtaining a visa. The woman who is engaged has written a petition to ask for him to be allowed to obtain a visa and legally reside in the US. I hope for the sake of their love and happiness that everything works out for the best.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

ok so im reading cry to heaven by anne rice (or trying to at least... its taking me forever with all the homework and stuff but ill get to it). its a really neat book about the castrati in italy a long time ago. its definitely a fiction book but shes done research on the castrati and what it does to people, physically and emotionally, and its pretty interesting. i like anne rice's writing anyhow but i especially think that this and feast of all saints are really neat books (feast of all saints talks about the quadroon balls and illegitimate mixed race children in the south) also i recently reread the celestine prophecy... thats a good short read that'll give ya something to wrap your brain around. daniel quinns ishmael books are pretty good too. i took a greek and roman myhtiology class a while ago and they talk about matriarchal vs. patriarchal societies and how if you look at greek adn roman myhtology it suggests that human societies were originally matriarchal. one of the ishmael books gets into this some (theres the conection just so ya'll dont think im completely rambling incoherently). its kinda neat... a lot of egyptian mythology supports this too but i havent had much of a chance to learn as much egyptian myhtology as i would like.
ok so im gonna stop rambling now and thank all of you who have actually read this pointless post. thank you

ive been trying to work on the rhetorical analysis but its hard... im not having problems with writing a paper... its just hard to write a paper as a group. different people have such different writing styles that i think the end result will not flow well. also, if you split it up and each person writes a section, other people in the group may not think one persons style is a good style or something. i dont know. im just rambling. i think its a good idea to discuss the topics in the paper but personally i think it would be easier to have each person write their own paper. but there is value in learning to work with others... hopefully everyone will improve their people skills adn tolerance level of how others think and write. i guess maybe thats the idea.

This weekend I had the chance to visit an Indian Reservation in White Earth, MN. I went with my Freshman Seminar Class: Ways of Knowing and Science. This was a good experience for me because I actually got the chance to see and live how The native Americans live. Through out The weekend I learned a lot about the Native American Culture, and I learned to respect the way that they live. They live giving what they can back to Nature. I learned that Wild rice is very important in the Indian Culture. We had the chance to go through the process of preparing the wild rice, which was an all day process. The finishing product was worth all the time and effort that was put into it. Overall I had a good experience. It was an experience I won't forget.

Wow! I love that the person from the other class is feeling the exact same way I am. I feel that it is wonderful to have so much time on our hands to sit down and work and become truly interested in what we are learning. I am loving all of my classes for the very first time in a long time. I too got through high school on work that didn't mean anything to me and putting in as little time as possible in the classes that I felt offered me nothing for the real world. Now in college, there is inspiration that all you do will somehow affect our future careers and lives. I think it is the coolest thing in the world that I am finially at a point in my life where I can support myself (or at least try) financially and that the things I am learning I am paying for so I better do well! Also, it is the time in my life where I can actually decide what I want to do with the rest of my life. I have found that in going over different options and points of interest, I am finding out so much more about myself. I have discovered that I love to analyze and rethink situations. I have found that I really enjoy helping others and that in any area of my life, I need to have human interaction with the exchange of ideas, feelings and thoughts on life. I am really enjoying college and I am loving the new world around me!

Here's a Kincaid resource that might be very helpful to you as you write your rhetorical analyses. See also Google results for Jamaica Kincaid.

Hey, everyone, thought you might like to see another Rhetoric 1101 class blog here at the U, Team Rhetoric.

Monday, September 22, 2003

So remeber when we all went to the library and it was Multicultural Day and they were featuring Africa? They had a scavenger hunt that took you all over the library. Well, I did it and recieved an email today that I won a book about Africa. I have to go pick it up at the library today. Getting on the topic of scavenger hunts, I actually thought that was a really good tool for learning. More things should be taught in that fashion, not just for elementary students. Not only was i tinformative, but we had fun doing it. It lso teaches teamwork. I think three or four of us went around together searching for the answers. Well anyway, more creative tools should be used to capture the attention and creativity of sudents today. In my OMS 2550 class I al,ot fell asleep because it's presentd in a boring fashion. I believe it could be a fun class (ok, i know I sound like a huge dork, but yes even OMS can be made fun) if it was presented in a better way. So yea for me! I won book and learned!

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Is it really hard to fake sincerity? I was at a SA election today, which the nominees told me was supposed to start at 2 pm. So, at 2, me and 3 other people got there but nobody was at that place and nothing was set up yet. Then we just waited and waited and soon 30 minutes past and still nobody showed up. So, one of us called to tell them that we are leaving, so they promised to be there in 10 minutes. 10 minutes later, the committee group got there, and all I expected was just a nice, sincere sorry. But the one that did most of the persuasion on me to vote and be there did the worst job. She just kept pulling out the "we were picking up people, just knew the time's changed" that kind of crap, and well, she did say sorry , but it was the "sorry for whatever" kind. I was pretty annoyed and I just don't understand why, in the 22 century, do people still have trouble putting down their faces for the sake of the big thing they want to accomplish?!!

After reading A Small Place, it makes me wonder how many countries feel this way about America. Many times we have gone in to try and help somewhere, but is it really considered help to those people? I think it's a lose-lose situation because when we go in to try and help the underdeveloped countries, it's offensive and then we're looked bad upon and are told we have no right to treat another country as if they are inferior to us. Then on the other side of things, if we were to just sit back and watch everything that happened, we'd have countries made at us for that also, because we are so powerful and can do so much that it wouldn't be right of us to sit back and watch bad things happen to all of these underdeveloped countries that really do need help. It's had to be the best, and America is definitely among the best. Other people always feel a slight bit of jealously to someone who is the best, whether they can recognize that or not. If you're the best, you're put down for using it to help others and you're put down if you don't use it to help others.......that just doesn't make sense somehow.

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