Friday, December 12, 2003

so my first semester in college came and gone, and i still hope i have time to start things over again...
i've been slacking, changing my major a couple times, and just, i guess, don't really want to face the fact that college requires hard work!! i'm glad that it's over, nonetheless, cus there're some classes i can't stand any longer. but rhet's been a good one, actually it's one of my favorite! i think blogging helps a lot too, cus there's just not many chances for students to get to know each other well in a U so spread-out. again, great job everybody on your presentations!! it's interesting to find out how diverse our topics are, and which side we are arguing for. i'll definitely be running into all the bailey people next sem. have an awesome winter break!

well im finally done with my paper... i cant say i really like it but its done and i cant do anythign else to it so i may as well jsut accept it. its not that bad, i just know i could have expanded a lot more on the sociological negative aspects of amnio but i couldnt get it to work out right. i cant wait for tuesday night. im gonna go see the midnight showing of the lord of the ring. i cant wait for after wednseday too. then i can start to read the trilogy again. i started the tradition of reading it every year but i dont have any time to read for fun during school so im gonna try to fit in readign about 35 books over christmas break. i dont think ill make it but i can try. well i hope yall have a great winter break and happy holidays and enjoy the snow!!!

Good. I was hoping I could get here before everyone else.
I just want to say before you all log on and start posting... It's been a great semester, I enjoyed meeting all of you, and I say that sincerely, this isn't some sappy: "sniff-" melodrama for everyone to read. No.
Well, maybe I'll see someone somewhere next semester, but being the U. is what it is... I doubt the likelihood of finding a needle in a haystack...
So, have a great winter break, happy holidays, new years and everything else wonderful that comes along with not having to go to school.
Yeah, oh- and have a good day today and enjoy the last session.

I'm done!!!! Yay! I don't know about anyone else but I'm sure a lot of you feel the same way that with all the prep work we did for this research paper and all of the emotion and energy we've put into discussing our topics and formulating great opinions, I am glad to finally have a finished product to tie together all that we have accomplished! Well now that I can focus on my finals I am very glad to be done with the paper. Can't wait to hear the rest of the presentations today. Congrats to everyone that has already gone, the discussions went well and of course everyone sounded very well informed on their topic. Good luck on finals, hope to see you all again at some point or another!

Thursday, December 11, 2003

thank god its friday doesnt even begin to cover it for me right now. if only i could say, thank god im done with my papers. oh well, i guess i need to pull at least one all-nighter a semester so it may as well be the last night of the semester. i should make a pot of coffee. so anyhow... my papers half written but i cant get the other half to write. well, its not even half, just the sociological and ethical parts. i know what i wanna say but i cant write it without sounding like a nutter. oh well, guess my paper will just sound like a nutter. good thing clancy's the only one wholl read it. after i finish this paper i still have to write a biology paper about genetic testign for cystic fibrosis. at least i can include a little bit of what ive researched for this paper in that one. anyhoo... so our printer took a dump last weekend, and wednesday night our computer crapped out. luckily, my dad and brother were able to get it back up long enough to email my papers to me adn then we loaded them onto my brothers computer and ive had to work on his computer adn we borrowed his printer too. unfortunatley his wife needs the computer too so its been hard juggling it abck and forth today. oh well, such is life. at least i didnt lose the paper. my dad lost all of his files on the puter and my mom lost some of hers. hard to believe my dad has worked with computers since they were the size of most people's living rooms adn he still cant keep our puter working. actually, to be fair, its just been this last puter that weve owned. other than this one we havent ahd many problems. its just really frustratign though. ok im sure yall dont care so ill stop rambling now. its been great being in class with yall adn i hope you all do great in the rest of your classes as well as this one. see ya later today.

i just got done with my paper and now i'm working on my final professional speech. I'm having so much fun and i thought i'd take a break and do some good ole blogging. I really slacked this semester on the blogging aspect of this class and i'm trying to make up for it. I never can really think of anything to blog about that relates to this class. I have three more days that i have to go to class and then i'm going to Lutsen with a bunch of friends to go snowboarding and party a little bit. Should be fun. I'm getting a new board and some bindings and boots for "The House" tommorow. My old board that i've had for about 6 years is getting to small and the bindings are shot. Hopefully i don't hurt myself trying anything stupid. Hopefully this cold weather doesn't hang around too much longer. I went outside today to take pictures for my photography class and the battery stopped working in my camera because it was too cold. It probably was a good thing because my hands were starting to freeze. I like the changing of the seasons here in minnesota but sometimes it gets a little to cold. Well i hope all of you have a good break, this will probably be my last blog. PEACE

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

I cannot believe that we're already down to our last class on Friday. I'm so excited for the semester to end, I need a fresh start on some new classes. The snow is awesome though, I remember now why I love Minnesota so much. It's so pretty! I don't mind the cold at all, I love being a northern girl. Me and my roommate were up really late the other night (about 3 AM, which is late for us because we like to go to bed early) and we saw the little mini plow thing come into the lot that we can see when we look outside our window. We watched him for a really long time, we were amazed at how much snow we got and then we noticed he was wearing a santa hat! I dont' know about you guys, but I thought it was so cool! It was 3 in the morning, and freezing and tons of snow, but this guy was loving it even though he had the no fun job of cleaning it all. I love this time of year when people have so much Christmas spirit (and holiday spirit in general). Down to two nights for everyone to finish up their paper, good luck everyone! I had a reallly great semester in class with everyone, and I hope everyone has a good rest of the year.

So let's talk motivation for a minute...because I currently have completely lost all of mine!!! At the beginning of the school year I was excited to be here, excited to study a lot and excited to get good grades. Now I am feeling quite homesick and very ready to be lazy for all of winter break. I don't know if I've already blogged about this but if so i want to talk about it again...

I feel that everyone and their mom says college is the best days of our lives. All of my older friends upon returning from their first semester and/or couple of weeks of college their freshman year had nothing but positive things to say. For example, they would talk of how the parties never end and that they have met the best friends of their life. Well I don't know about too many other people but I do not feel that way.

I feel that college is confusing. It's very hard to be away from everyone I know and love. And I am NOT easily meeting the friends I will have for the rest of my life....and for sure there is not always a party to go to here in Minnesota! I just wish someone and/or society would tell us the truth! I wish we had been a little mroe prepared for the homesickness and the feeling of being lost and not having any home base to come back to. It's the wierdest feeling ever and I know it's simply part of growing up, but still I wish we could all talk a lot more openly about some things...

maybe i'll write a book someday!

Hey everyone! I too ventured into the cold cold tundra last night with some friends. I live in the superblock, so we went down by the river and hiked around and played in the snow!! It was quite rejuvinating. I felt free and so child-like....it was wonderful! My favorite part about the night was that I started eating the fresh snow and my friend Allison was really grossed out by it. So I explained to her that when we were children we did it all the time and there really is no difference now excpet for the fear that society has put in us all about not fitting in....clearly if some adult proceeded to get on all fours and lick the top layer (thats the best) of the freshly fallen snow that person would probably be looked at as a nutty one. However, with children the idea is thought of as exploring and adventursome! So, needless to say I convinced her to have a lick! It was a great evening!

well, i just successfully (well, almost) pulled off my first college all-nighter. my final review is in 3 hours, and i think i'll be ok. except for this splitting headache and not being able to see straight anymore, it wasnt that bad. when i mentioned to my roommate that i was staying up all night to do homework, she said "hey, i'll stay up with you." shes been burning cds as christmas presents for her friends for like 4 hours now, and i just finished my final drawing. my other roommate tried staying up, but she fell asleep 2 hours ago.
isnt it beautiful outside? i was so stressed out from homework that me and my roommate bridget went and frolicked in the snow for awhile. we got really cold and soaken, but made snow angels so everything was wonderful.
also, i think everyones presentations are going really really well. i hope mine goes the same. im gonna go look up website i can show you guys on friday. :)
i wonder if i'll make it to class later today... eeeek.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

so today's pretty cold, don't you minnesota people agree?? before i went to nebraska, people told me it's freezing cold there, so i went prepared, with down northface coat, cashmere sweater, and all the goodies people bring to explore south pole! well, turn out, i have to spare an entire suitcase to store those "equipment" cus people were exaggerating it, it never gets down to 10 degrees there and the snow isn't bad at all. i feel extremely dumb and so i ignored every warning that minnesota winter is 10 times worse than NE and left a lot of my winter stuff in NE. but it's cold here...i know it's only gonna get worse. how am i gonna survive??? i don't know if it's just me or is there anyone who thinks that snow tends to blow right into your face no matter what direction you are facing!! that's me anyway, and it's just soooo annoying! i think it's time for me to reevaluate if a B.S. from U of M really worth the 4 years of torture.

So i really hate writing papers. I've been home pretty much all day and i haven't done very much work. I hate writing about the same stuff over and over. We've done all the research and wrote about and talked about our topics and now we have to write and talk about them again. Everything just seems really repetitive right now. I can't wait for winter break. Going snowboarding, partying with my friends, seeing my family, playing boot hockey. I sounds a lot better than going to school. I just want to get these required rhetoric classes over (writing and speech). It always seems so hard to do work at the end of semesters. I bet everybody else feels the same way.

So it's officially crunch time. For us as students at the U of M and for the Green Bay Packers in the NFL. The Packers (7-6) trail the Vikings (8-5) by one game with 3 to play. The Packers also trail both Seatle and Dallas by one game for the wild card spots in the play-offs. The Vikings currently own the tie-breaker over the Packers because of their slip-up in Detroit on Thanksgiving. so they are really currently 1 and a half games behind Minnesota. If the Vikings loose at Chicago this weekend and the Packers win, it could be a whole different story. But the Vikings seem to be rolling again after loosing their last 5 of 6. Their defense generated turnovers against Seatle and the Culpepper to Moss combination seemed as deadly as ever. I believe the best shot for the Packers to make the play-offs will be as a wild card contender. Both Seatle and Dallas seem to be on a downward spiral and have tough remaining schedules. The Packers on the other hand have a fairly easy remaining schedule on paper. But in the NFL it seems that records mean nothing, especially in December. With back to back games on the West coast against the Chargers and the Raiders and then a final home game against Denver, the schedule appears to be anything but easy. If the Packers can get their running game back on track with Ahman Green and continure to generate turnovers on defense I see no reason why they cannot win out. Denver will be the toughest task, but thankfully it is in Green Bay. If the Packers win out i believe they will definately be in the play-offs and have a good shot of advancing. If the stumble once, and end up 9-7, it may be a different story. Break out all the cliches because every game is a must win for the Packers if they want to reach the play-offs for the third consecutive year.

What a week. At least on finals week there isn't any class.
Eva, thank you for the post about the language issue. Very cool. I can't remember what we were arguing about that evening in Bailey UDS, but whatever I said then, I take it back. The issue is completely different now. Anyways.
This paper situation is odd. Not even a year ago I would have refused to write a two page paper... I just couldn't do it. And now I've got this twelve page monstrosity that demands more information, and I feel like it took so little stress or strenuous work. I lost both my research prospectus and my annotated bibliography and couldn't remember anything from either of them so I've had to do everything from scratch on this one. This is odd. I suppose it's education. Thanks Clancy.
Well, see everyone tomorrow.

I hate this one class i am taking it is LASK 1001 and it is stupid. The concept is a good one, but it is still a stupid class. The teacher will not grade your work if you don't do it right and don't do everything required or its just not what she was looking for. And that doesnt sound like a bad thing but When I do the work for that easy class and move on to doing something for a more time consuming class having to keep going back to redo her work even though it was right, it was just missing a thing or two, it is very frustrating. Anyway I still havent started writing my paper yet or at least not the body of it, I am having some serious writers block! I have the abstract, the intro, and the conclusion, but the body just doesn't want to be written down on paper. And that's a problem! Anyway back to trying to write.

Monday, December 08, 2003

ok so i just wrote a huge long post about my paper and it disappeared into cyber-wasteland. GGGGRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! i HATE computers!!! ill post it again later.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

ok, i just had a long talk with a guy friend about dating somebody who speaks a different language. paul, i think this may interest you too. my friend said if he'll ever date a foreign girl, english must not be her 1st language (my friend's chinese), so they'll both use english to communicate and nobody would be dominating, languagewise. for me, i would rather date someone whose 1st language is english or portuguese, or else he's really good at chinese. because when it gets to dating, dialogues become so intimate and so private, the words you use have to be very familiar or customary in order for the 2 of you to fully grasp each other's thoughts. i just think this is kinda impossible to learn in school, well, unless that person's a big fan of danielle steel, then i don't know. but if the language spoken is either one person's mother tongue, it'll be a much bigger motivation and lot easier for the other person to catch up with. anyway, hope u all have a good nite, and i'll see u tmr^.^

all the excitment everybody has, same here!! for one thing, i'll get to go down to LA and meet up with my boyfriend who works in DC. i haven't seen him since the end of october...can't wait !! well, i've been refusing to go get a flu shot, cus i would do whatever it takes to avoid going to the doctor's office, i know it sounds silly, but i just think it's an awful place. and i finally caught the flu last week, so i guess i can't blame anything for it now.

By the way i am form Texas, just in case you didnt get that comment I put at the end

I havent been writng a lot the past few weeks so I guess here's my chance to catch up, as you can see by the many post by me. I got my earced pierced over thanksgiving break and they are really starting to itch, and I'm not supposed to take them out for at least six weeks, but it is driving me crazy. I put the disinfectant stuff on it, but that is only temporaty relief. But you know what is really wierd and I probably sound crazy for saying it, but anything clod I put on them makes it feel alot better, so I walk around with ice cubes on them, and I never wear ear muffs or nothing when I go outside cause it feels so good! I have A week and two days left and I am too happy! I dont know about you guys but I am so tired of writing about my topic. If I never hear another thing about factroy farming in my life I would be real happy. I'm to the point where I dont know what I've said and what I haven't said in which papers and I'm just sick of it. I cant wait until I'm through and it is typed, because I never want to think of it again, and plus when I'm finally through with it, and it is turned in, that will mean that there is only 4 more days until I go home. (Yee-Haw, getty up their cow boy, (ha-ha) Just kidding)! But did i mention im ready to go home!

I also have a question. On our introductions from the annotated bibliography at the end we were supposed to put in how the set up of the paper was going to be like what evidence was going to be included, and what opposing arguments we would be addressing and what each part of the paper would consist of, do we still have to include that in our introduction? I'll put mine up here, but the parst I am talking about is the last paragraph, it is italisized. Here it is

“What is a factory farm?” is the question I must ask first. A factory farm is an industrial facility that raises hundreds and thousands of animals, in mass production, of a particular species specifically for human consumption. They are also known as confined animal feeding operations (CAFO’s) or intensive livestock operations (ILO’s). In most cases according to GRACE Factory Farm Project, “They emphasize high volume and profit with minimal regard to human health, safe food, the environment, humane treatment of animals, and the rural economy (What is factory farm”).
The fight on whether factory farms should be legal or not, has been an ongoing debate since it was first introduced in 1923, with the discovery of vitamins A and D. According to Mason and Singer, a Mrs. Wilmer Steele raised several flocks of chickens, that year indoors, throughout the winter discovering that as long as those two vitamins were in the feed, the need for sunlight and exercise were no longer essential components to the animals’ health(2). After realizing that these birds could survive and still be productive in these conditions, corporations began following in Steele’s footsteps, with the animals’ cages getting smaller and smaller and the corporations getting bigger and bigger, until the animals were/are no longer thought of as animals but as machines.
In addition to, these animals are genetically altered, which enlarge some of the animals to the point where their legs and feet, can no longer support their body weight. They are fed antibiotics which becomes a threat to public safety if the antibiotic residues are still in the bodies at the time of slaughter. If humans consume these residues they may become resistant to the antibiotics that fight bacteria and viruses, over a period of time.
Factory farms are also a strain on the environment, in regard to animal waste. No one knows exactly what to do with all of it. The cattle, pork, and poultry industry produce 130 times more waste “…than the entire human population-about five tons of waste for every man, woman, and child in America (Poisoning the Land, Air, and Water”). Environmentalist want the farmers to distribute it over larger amounts of land, so that it has no chance of contaminating the ground water, but unfortunately it is a cost that the farmers are not willing to pay. In most cases the waste is stored in lagoons, but those have a very high chance of leaking or overflowing into the groundwater, and any other nearby water I intend to thoroughly discuss the topic of factory farming as and evaluation argument. I will argue that factory farming is a practice that has more detrimental effects than benefits, and should be, if not outlawed, heavily monitored by government agencies, which are specifically designed to ensure the safety and welfare of both animals and humans. Evidence that will be included will be form well known organizations such as PETA, HFA, USDA, and GRACE, as well as well known authors who have done in depth research on the cause and effects of factory farms. I will then explain and cite information about environmental issues which are directly related to public health concerns, i.e. waste, hazardous gases, groundwater contamination, food borne illnesses, antibiotic resistance, etc. All of these issues and concerns will allow me to prove that factory farming has more negative effects than positive. Possible opposing arguments could be that, they are bred to be killed, so why should the conditions they are kept in matter? Another opposing argument may be the risk of disease and antibiotic resistance does not have a high enough percentage to be of concern. source, i.e. rivers, lakes, oceans, streams, etc.

Well ummm... I just got finished writing my abstract, finally. I couldnt think of anything to write to save my life, but any who I'm going to post it on here to see what you guys think. I feel like its missing something, like I forgot a step or something. Anyway here it is:

Factory Farming has become the more favored practice, of farmers, than the traditional farm. Farmers have made the switch from small farm to big corporation, all for the sake of money. This essay will argue that little or no regard is given to the health risk that they impose upon us, the public, the factory animals, nor the environment. I will first argue that the conditions in which the animals live in are deplorable which leads to disease and contamination, which also has a direct effect on public health, because we the consumer eat and buy these animal products. Secondly, public health is also effected when they make negative impacts on the environment. Waste, gases, and smell all are environmental hazards, that also contribute to public health. These practices are allowed to continue, because the general public is not aware, and government agencies are not successfully regulating laws that have been passed in the past.

Friday, December 05, 2003

Well i just wrote this blog thing and it would post it so I guess ill write it again. I was talking about all the holds i have on my records, right now so I cant register for my classes. I have one because I havent finished paying my tuition yet. one because I havent turned in my immunization records, and one because I havent met with my academic advisor. And the thing that really makes me mad is that I go up all extra early this morning because I didnt know I had all these holds on my records and went ll the way down to the computer lad in my dorm and tried to register, and what do I get holds, all kinds of stupid holds. And what really funny is that i dont care. I'm just ready to go home. ONE MORE WEEK! I'll worry about those holds later. I will definitly regret that. Oh well!

hey everyone, i am so happy today even though things are looking quite dismal. I saw garrett, my bf, today and he is the one person who can make me this happy and turn everything bad going against me and make it all seem like nothing, does ne one else have anyone like that in their lives, i am so grateful to have met him and he is like the lighta t the end of the dark tunnel. well i'll just think of him and try to have a good weekend

hey everyone, this week has been horrible, my parents are very controlling so when i turned 18 i had had about enough of all of their crap (my parents are very much negative and lots of time verbally abusive) so a couple weeks ago i made plans to go snowbording with my bf this weekend and i have been sooooo excited, especially since i havent seen him for a few weeks, the longest ever that we have been apart, and last nite they decided to make up this rediculous rule that if i smoke another cigarette that i wouln't be able to drive my truck anymore, they control my truck only in the sense in that its their name but i pay lotsa insurance so my argument was it ismy choice to start smoking and to continue to do so. That didn't go over so well with my parents (especially my dad) and so all of my dreams of snowboarding this weekend have vanished and i am totally crushed = .... ( i don't know exacly what to do here, i am stuck in an abuseive household with no way to get out so currently i am looking at every auto deals mag. i can find and on ly in despair because i have no money, so yeah, i am tring to cope but if ne one has an extra car or has suggestions on how i can cope with my parents please leave a comment, and i hope all of your weekends turn out a little better than mine is looking

ugh, what a week. no going out for me tonight.. my final review for architectural drawing is slowly killing me. Ive already spent 8 hours on it and am not nearly done. Plus models to be made and a research paper to be finished. Can i survive??
hopefully. anywho. time for the peer review. hah! that rhymed!

I want to take this one animal science class where we get to bring our pets to class it is animal sci 1403 and its going to be fun! I have to go out and buy a hampster or something because my mom keeps giving my dogs away, because she alwyas finds something wrong with them. Did I mention we only have one more week of class! I dont know about anyone else but I am having the hardest time getting started on my paper. I cant seem to it going. i have the introduction and I wrote the conclusion last night but i dont know how to get the body of my paper started. But I better figure it out by next Friday!

Fortunately today is only a rough draft day. rough as a jagged rock, paper in frustration shredded up with scissors day.
Very rough.
i don't know how we'll be doing this today, if we're exchanging drafts and critiqueing, I apologize to whoever gets mine.
Can't wait for the weekend. I'm sure it's a redundant statement. I'm sure every one feels the same way.

Congratulations everyone. We are almost at the end of the semester! We have now been exposed and are adjusted to college life. I just want to say that I really enjoyed having class with each and every one of you because eveyone brought a different perspective to all the class discussions. I hope eveyone had a good week and I hope you all have a good weekend. Continue to strive for excellence because nothing else is acceptable. Oh yeah, I hope you feel better Clancy! It was great having you as a teacher. I learned a lot of things in your class. Things that I will definitely use all my years of college!

Well two more weeks, (one week and two days for me!!!) And the semester will be over!! i am so ready for christmas break. I need some time to relax and rejuvenate from this stressful last two weeks. But I am excited for next semester because i can start all over and learn from my misakes of this semester. I think next semester i will do much better. I have a better schdule and I am taking a Jazz class. That will help me to relieve some stress because i love Music. hopefully my grades from this semester won't be too bad. But Iam ready for christmas break!! Good luck everyone on their finals!

ok so this is kinda late seeing as how i got back from vegas on monday morning but im gonna post about it anyhow. i basically have not been able to come up with a coherent thought all week so if this is more giberishy than normal i apologize. so anyhow... if anyone here hasnt been to vegas i would recommend going at least once in your life. i also recommend sleeping a lot before you go. i didnt get enough sleep the week before my trip and i didnt sleep much their but it was really fun anyhow. too bad i had two huge exams this week that i had to study for so i still havent gotten enough sleep. and on top of it all last night, the first night i got to go to bed before three am (keep in mind i get up between six and seven am everyday in theory) i had a bunch of nightmares. i hate nightmares. they are sooooo horrible. sleepign is supposed to be nice and comfy and snuggly and then this awful nightmare ruins it. i cant even remember what i dreamed about but i remember waking up this morning feeling depressed adn awful. oh welll, the day got better. so back to vegas... i actually won some money (only like $20 but still) and we ran around all night and all day and say TONS of neat crap. the architecture there is extremely weird. jamie i recommend going there if you havent. most of the newer big casinos try to be really fancy adn neat but its all fake and comes off looking cheesey if you look too close. then you have some truly beautiful buildings and then you have all these horribly run down crappy buildings and trash all over the street. all on the same street. it amazed me how many people had kids there. theres not much for kids to do there and parents cant just leave their kids alone and runa round town so whay would anyone want to go there with their kids.??? oh well. also once its even close to twilight people start standign on the street handing out these little cards that look like baseball cards only they have hookers on it and phone numbers. its pretty gross. they try to hand them out to everyone. i even saw some kids grab them. oh well but i guess thats another reason to not bring kids. its weird cause there are no clocks anywhere and in the casinos the only places to sit down are at slots/gaming tables or in the bar. its neat but wierd. my friends wedding was really nice and short but i was really tired. the wedding wasnt until sun afternoon and i think we slept a total of four hours between five am friday and two am sunday night. plus we were walking everywhere and you just get dehydrated adn gross feelign everywhere you go... everythings all smoky. but it as really fun. ok so ive rambled for way too long.

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